Aug 072011

Pic Source: Tehelka.comThis is another list released by Arvind Kejriwal:

“Government doesn’t want to bring back black money stashed in Swiss banks abroad. The government has a list of 700 people having accounts in Swiss banks,” he said.

Kejriwal claimed that Mukesh Ambani has Rs. 100 crores, Anil Ambani has Rs. 100 crores, Sandeep Tandon – former IRS, ED official – who raided Reliance has Rs. 125 crores, Reliance Industries Rs. 200 crores, Sandeep Tandon’s wife Anu, who is now Congress MP from Unnao, has Rs. 125 crores, Motech Software Private Ltd (Reliance Group company) – Rs. 2,100 crores, Kokila Dhirubhai Ambani has an account but in December 2006 it had no balance, Naresh Goyal has Rs. 80 crores.

He further claimed that three members from Dabur have accounts totalling Rs. 25 crores.

“Yashovardhan Birla has an account, but in December 2006 it has no balance. CBI had said there is Rs. 25 lakh crores – these 700 names account for only Rs. 6000 crores,” he said.


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  397 Responses to “Wikileaks releases some of the Top Black Money Holders from India”

  1. Where are the full files?

  2. govt. Should take immideate action to retrive the money for development of india and must take action.

  3. how come NIIRA RADIA amassed so much wealth more than RAJIV GANDHI,may be because she is a lobbyst.IT IS TRUE OF GANDHI FAMILY. hence,the indian government is mum about the disclosures.they know most of them are corrupt,even prime minister knows who is corrupt in congress,but he is remote controlled.

  4. this is not cash, our blood

  5. Swiss is the main part in this crime as it is not ready to expose the truth to other nations. The first thing is to bring the money to India. This would bring down the economy of Swiss. This is the best punishment given by one nation to other. After getting money into India, the person behind the crime shall be retaliated from the nation by repealing the citizenship from their birth as though not born in any nation…This will restrtict them to get the citizenship of other nations too.

  6. That very true sunil…. repealing the citizenship the best punishment someone can think of I gues…

  7. I am an ordinary middle man and i know how much one has to struggle to earn a savings of 1 Crore. We should revolt against these ministers who aren’t bothered about thier indian fellow-mates/citizens. The cost of living has risen a lot. Can’t these black money be used to bring down the cost of living of a middle man and poor citizens of india. It is rightly said that, its not cash, its our blood and any indian citizens blood would boil on reading this list. These ministers should be severely punished by stripping these money from them. In the name of developing india, they have developed thier family bank balance at the cost of poor indians.

  8. poda poda paithyakara……. you are sounding like a common man in 1950’s movie….

  9. This is an article related to Black Money accumulation in Swiss Banks by Indians and most notably all the Politicians running this country who have abused their power to amass disproportionate assets and stashed it away in the coffers of Swiss Banks.

    Wiki Leaks has released the details of such account holders.

    I would like to petition the people of India to act out in Revolution to put these people to justice and incarcerate them for criminal FERA violations and have to be publicly named and shamed and prosecuted.

    I propose a Bill in Parliament to be created as a Bill of Faith and Good Statesmenship. This should be a Bill where a Politician will be barred from seeking, applying for any Public Office to serve the country and its people if that person is found in violation of greivious offences, criminal offences and Black Money and other related offences where the person has abused their power to betray the people of India.

    I ask NDTV or SIFY to make a PUBLIC MEDIA furor on this report and call for people to provide more feedback in such a way that a Transparent Justice System is upheld in India and completely revolutionalize the old corrupt Bureaucratic Systems in place and the safety nets that the Politicians enjoy to abuse and obstruct rightful Justice in India.

    Here is a text of the Article from WIKI LEAKS which should be published and splashed in the media on every given Channel to ensure the common citizens of the country are aware of such corrupt practises by their fellow citizens and politicians.

    Source wikileaks

    List of REAL Black Money Holders from Wiki-leaks
    If you accumulate only these names, then calculate in US Dollar then, it will come down to —

    ******* USD 1.14 TRILLION Dollars ***********

    **** Moreover, it is speculated that Rajeev Gandhi’s Account is covertly active by Sonia Gandhi.. and its a HUGE SUM of Money.. almost 2 Lac Cr (~ 45 Billion US Dollars)*********




  12. As mentioned in the article, genuineness of this image to be ascertained. As mentioned in the image, they are going to publish remaining names by next day same time. If this is true, similar information should also come and the same may be published in their wikilieaks also.

  13. its not gud to abuse others comment in pblic lik dis…. he has told his problem, if u don lik plz u can keep quite reading dis.

  14. “government shoudl take action”.
    ha ha ha.
    Did you notice that the 2nd largest figures belong to an account named Rajiv Gandhi. Rs. 198,000/- cr.
    And even bigger figures belong to Neera Radiya. Rs. 289,990 Cr/-. Doubtless a proxy account for a large number of “government” officials.

    Now which of these “government” officials do you suppose should take the action?

  15. Who is to take against them? They are our leaders. Oh God please save out country

  16. Shut up, you can never gauge the frustration boiling inside evry honest Indian these days, if you can’t appreciate others’ concern and feeling, have some sense to not to make false comments and hurt our feelings.

    I am sure you must be idle son of one of these mother-f*****s enlisted on wiki-leaks.


  17. gud man …we should support good people..whereever whenever….

  18. Finally … it stares at us in black and white … daring the Indian middle class to take a stand.
    Are we going to do something or will we let the politician and unethical businessman continue to bleed us and the country dry??? What is the use of an education if one does not have the moral courage to take a stand?
    We arrest and punish the common thief when he steals to feed his family. Yet these responsible educated citizens of India continue to steal and bleed the country with impunity????
    Its time to put our combined weight behind Anna H and right this country!
    The Q: Do we have the courage to do it?

  19. Lungi (chidambaram) and Radiya is big surprise. That’s the reason, Govt/CBI has not made her even witness forget about acused in the 2G case. It is mockery that the very case of 2G was exposed because of her phone tapping and she is nowhere in the chargsheet.

    Why there is blackoup in electronic & print media?? Have they all been bought… including Times Now???

    What is news of subsequent list? Have they been released??


  21. make sure there is nothing is going to happens

  22. Can we file a case in the Supereme court for the Govt to release the full list….?

    (Most) Indian Politicians = Day light robbers

  23. This is not only money : This is our blood and these b****** have sucked our blood in the shape of this money. Old men’s say’s that our india was “Golden Bird” it is still “Golden Bird”

  24. I am damn sure that this list is fake. Only congress people are there.

  25. ya sure only congress people ……..

  26. we need a change………………………………….

  27. Thanks to wikileaks. Now Politicians will be engaged in alleging each other over the quantum of money being stashed. Opposition will also find some work. Media person will be on televisions and streets to ask people for their reaction.
    But i m worried who will fight to bring this back to india at earliest.

  28. List of other Indians is required to be released without further delay. It is not understudy y wikileaks is awaiting the Indian Govt.
    Rajeev Gandhi was Prime Minister.& his son wants to become Prime Minister. Whey?
    Is it to loot more? Is politics for looting the people? They deceive all people including intellectuals.

  29. Janta ka peasa khake janta ko aankh dikhate hai,garibo ko garib or banate hai

  30. how was this picture found ?


  32. The ‘most’ poorest indians and innocent indians…..

  33. what we will do we are here see every thing but god is great they will be punish by god

  34. govt. Should take immideate action to retrive the money for development of india and must take action.

  35. Immideate action………………?

  36. so many poor peoples are in india and who are Struglling from hungry.. govt. Should take immideate action to retrive the money for developing india..

  37. Don’t worry guys…these people will spend this money in india only…so money will come back.

  38. Shoot All Of Them…………..

  39. First time in History where crime falls Govt will responsible,here govt is create crime so
    where we people go to compliant.

  40. LAW??? Open up your eyes….. Still hiding behind the black cloth will lead the country to walk back the English again….


    Please save India…. JAI HIND……

  41. bhagwan bachaye in meharban leaders se jo hamare khoon paseene ki kamai ko bahar banks me jama kar rahe hai.

  42. mai to bhagwan ke aage ye prathna krta hu, in beyiman bhrisht logon ko bhagwan apne charno me kabhi jagah na de.

  43. the amount of time is proportional to looted money, so the toppers in this list are from the longest misleading party. since the independence each and every fund has been looted and smuggled to dear Swiss,who is fooling the world by Red cross flag with flourishing economy created by Blood of jews,africans, afgans, indians and many countries. Now this government is mum on this but with your every bit of meal reminds you the subsidy of LPG n diesel.
    nobody can bring this back to india, so i pledge US to take this with another attack to swiss, so that it can prevent recession as well as teach this corrupt people a lesson..

  44. azadi se pahle bharat ko mughalo ne aur angrejo ne loota aur azadi ke baad se aaj tak in netao ne. hosiar khabardar ek aur bada lootera aane wala hai bade jor sor taiyari chal rahi hai. S A W D H A N………………………………………………………………………….

  45. Media plays an important role in publishing the things so we as a citizen of india cnt do any things “THIS THE TIME TO WORK IF LEFT THEN WHEN TO WORK” thanks to wikileaks plz save india


  47. Thanks to wikileaks. Now Politicians will be engaged in alleging each other over the quantum of money being stashed. Opposition will also find some work. Media person will be on televisions and streets to ask people for their reaction.
    But i m worried who will fight to bring this back to india at earliest

  48. What is the authenticity of this report. The publisher himself is saying that he is not sure whether this is true or not. This is an e-mail hoax and biased one aiming the congress people. The central government has already submitted the full report to the Supreme Court. Do you think none of the BJP leaders are not included in the list!!!!

  49. I m amazed that no one has even discussed about this list not in the parliament not even in t the news paper ,i m sure none of the politician will accept this list and definately will rose question against its authentication.

  50. Very well said and I do agree with your opinion however to bring such rule of repealing the citizenship we may have to go for another strike .. .. .

  51. Gali gali mein shor hai Gandhi parivaar chor hai. Rahul Gandhi garibon ke ghar khay aur unhi ko loot amir ban jaye sath me mahan bhi kehlvai. Wah re meri bholi janta chor ko apne ghar bula usi ke gun gaye. Ab to jago,ANNA ke sang aao aur in choron ko apne desh se bhagao.


  52. anna hazare is second gandhi of india please support the anna hazare all block money holders or take immediately action we r all support anna hazare
    ” India is beautiful country ” to save the india

    jai hind

  53. anna is like same to same gandhi i am inspire by anna all block money holders idiots take action . we r all support to anna .
    india is not poor country india an politician are very ………………….. fill in the blanks

    jai hindi

  54. so true……

  55. proud to be an indian

  56. In desh ke gaddaron ko sakht – se sakht sajz deni chahiye. Sabse jyada kala dhan congress party ke netaon ka hi isiliye toh Ram dev par police karywai ki, kyonki kahin in sab ki poll n khul jaye ye sab chor hain.
    Isliye sub Anna Hazaare ka sath de i support anna hajaare.

  57. “Please Note: News of Delhi is still unsure of these details. We still can’t say whether it’s fake or genuine. Wikileaks hasn’t published these details on their site. As most of the Congress leaders have been listed here so we don’t endorse its authenticity. It’s up to you, how you take it !”

    We love to believe rumors evan this web site has above this disclaimer. yet evey body is discussing it as it is THE THRUTH

  58. our soldiers r protecting us witout caring their lives and family…. on the other hand these b******* r killing us inside… she came 4m itly and ruling us what she kw bot india… and our pm got attracted 2 that bitch and again kept india under other country after british….. it wl end only when all of us rise and shoot these bloody b***** and clean up our nation…

  59. We are all support Anna Hazzare….

    List of Black money holder display to all area in our country. All black money holders we are put the heavy punishment. Proud to be an INDIAN……………. Please all eyes open to see the corruption and hill the total corruption in india. This money is not a black money this is people blood money. All youth’s ready to clean up our nation..

  60. ashamed to be an indian this time…. and i wanna proud to be an indian…
    bring back the whole black money…. otherwise the indian governments are all shemales…

  61. Please retrive all this money, make all developements in india and save all the poor people.i want to c our country will become very costly than all other countries in the worl

  62. Need immediate action to bring back this money to our country.Most congress politicians are corrupted thats why they are silent.Everyone should support Anna hazare to bring the black money and bringing the Jan Lokpal Bill


  64. all leaders are punished. students are ciome to the politics and india is automatically safe

  65. Yes only CONGRESS, think with common sence, only congres has ruled our country for more than 40 years in this 63 years of INDIA’s freedom.tHEY ONLY CAN EARN THAT MUCH THEN………………


  67. India is a poorest country but not Indians

  68. there is a no chance of punishing block money holders because more number of black money are politicians they are also now leading party,then how it will makes possible ..we are s****ers …we are not true indians…

  69. Black money is a INDIAN’S blood…its come to india means no one can poor in the country,this money going only this government….this government knows who can earn the money…..

  70. Dear All, Please go through the details carefully & try to be part of this mission against corruption. Things to know about Anna Hazare and Lok pal Bill-:

    1.Who is Anna Hazare?

    An ex-army man(Unmarried). Fought 1965 Indo-Pak war.

    2.What’s so special about him?

    He built a village Ralegaon Siddhi in Ahamad Nagar district, Maharashtra.

    3.This village is a self-sustained model village. Energy is produced in the village itself from solar power, biofuel and wind mills. In 1975, it used to be a poverty clad village. Now it is one of the richest village in India. It has become a model for self-sustained, eco-friendly & harmonic village.

    4. This guy, Anna Hazare was awarded Padma Bhushan and is a known figure for his social activities.

    5. He is supporting a cause, the amendment of a law to curb corruption in India.

    6. How that can be possible?

    He is advocating for a Bill, The Lok Pal Bill (The Citizen Ombudsman Bill), that will form an autonomous authority who will make politicians (ministers), bureaucrats (IAS/IPS) accountable for their deeds.

    7. It’s an entirely new thing right..?

    In 1972, the bill was proposed by then Law minister Mr. Shanti Bhushan. Since then it has been neglected by the politicians and some are trying to change the bill to suit their theft (corruption).

    8. Oh.. He is going on a hunger strike for that whole thing of passing a Bill ! How can that be possible in such a short span of time? The first thing he is asking for is: the govt should come forward and announce that the bill is going to be passed. Next, they make a joint committee to DRAFT the LOK PAL BILL. 50% government participation and 50% public participation. Bcoz u can’t trust the government entirely for making such a bill which does not suit them.

    9.What will happen when this bill is passed?

    A LokPal will be appointed at the centre. He will have an autonomous charge, say like the Election Commission of India. In each and every state, Lokayukta will be appointed. The job is to bring all alleged party to trial in case of corruptions within 1 year. Within 2 years, the guilty will be punished.

    Pass this on n show ur support..

    Spread it like fire; Our Nation needs us… Please Contribute… This is not just a forward, it’s the future of our Nation.

  71. We are all support Anna Hazzare

  72. I think when ANNA Hazare and more people are Fasting from 11 days,in a nonviolence way to make the political parties understand the problem of a common person ,They want us to go weak and give up,are playing drama.I hope if these polititiance`s has to travel by a common vehicles,these people will Immediately make a bill and work on it. A Hungry Man has no value in their eyes.

  73. All must give hand to anna hazer for lokopal bill

  74. Arrest them all, let military take power, remove citizenship from all, who own and who depends on the the BLACK Money culprits.

    I think India is in the face of second renaisance which is going to happen soon good for AAM ADMI, removing single penny from AAM Aadmi in the name of TAX and others will be closed now……….

  75. Dear Gopi
    Really useful information most of our countrymen should know. I take pledge to educate them on this
    As u said this fire should be spread, which will automatically kill the germs (corrupted politicians)

    It is great at last we got some solution for this problem

  76. We are all support Anna Hazzare

  77. Black money culprits are to punish with following manner.
    1.Block Passport all of the family members.
    2.Block all bank accounts of them.
    3.In their ration card itself should mention “we are culprits”
    4.Should seal their all assets.
    “””They should know the pain”””

  78. Government should immediately bring bank the Black Money from Swiss Bank, Oh sorry sorry the Max.Politicians Black money are in Swiss Bank then how could they brink back, God should bring back that money.

  79. if black money comes to india then india will be the most powerful country in this world we also can say JAHAN DAL DAL PER SONE KI CHIDIA KARTI HAI BASERA WO BHARAT DESH HAI MERA JAI BHARTI……..
    so if government want to take proud that I AM INDIAN then the all black money must be back to INDIA


  80. Thanks for the information.

    How can our leaders enact Jan Lok Pal Bill ?

  81. Really informative dear Gopi..Thank U..lets spread it..

  82. poda poda pytikara must be eating and drinking our blood . He and his family thats why he doest care for india and its people. He is a pythkara dumbo !!!!!!11

  83. it seems wikileaks cares more for us than our government

  84. Sir regarding this black money what is the solution to get this money back to india for development, most of the indian (60%rural area) yet to be developed with day to day requirement & infrastructure which will, help us. Our well educated politician are fooling public to make law with loopholes to do this kind of activities our master minds are ( Mr Pranob Mukharjee, P.Chidambaram, any many other RBI authority)

    From Arun Pai

  85. Please realease latest position of this black money status

  86. This black money will not keep them happily all the time they will be tension without family hapiness, this is the fact most of the balck money holders they worry about that, Eg: see sonia Gandhi suffering from deseas, having 365days 24hrs without peace of mind, this black money is commcon mans Tax money, hard earn money.this money they cano’t use for good purpose.

    Live eg: Sonia Gandhi, A Raja, Kalmadi, Sharad Pawar, Meera Radhia, Karunanidhi Fly
    and many more.

  87. Mera Bharath Mahan, Jesus said let the first stone be thrown by a person who has not committed a sin.Corruption and Black Money lists will not deter our Honest Harishchandra Politicians at all .Graft new name. Even though the list has been with Leaders long ago, our able PM Dridhrashtra or Beeshma has not made a disclosure so far.And they will never.But very prompt if giving figures of donations got by Anna Hazare team to rupees up to Rs742 from 2007 to 2010.When they can stoop down to these figures why not release the list ,though common can do nothing about it with able judiciiary, ED,IT are on Their Majesty Services around. How calm and how sacastic our Fodder scam Leader speaks in Parliament, How quite our Karunanidhi is ,Gandhi family and unending list of leaders who have amassed wealth beyond imagination of a common man who sees notes in Movies only.Last 50 years CBI or ED or Judiciary did not retrive a penny from wrong doers so far.Do you think if the list is published , they will. Indians are non violence loving people, not like rebels in Liibya, Egypt, Iraq ,Yemen .

  88. You are so great.In hindu religion there some words “TRUTH IS LIKE FIRE “- which cannot hide.Who ever the “idiots” taken the money and kept/keeping the money is 100% every Indian’s hard earned money. I request you to give the solution to bring back the MONEY.

  89. Sir, we couldn’t find the next list.Please arrange to publish.All the b******* should be hanged till death after getting back the money.

  90. Govt.,has to retrieve the whole money from swiss and they must be severly punished.the punishment should be an example for one should do this again.that kind of punishment should be given to them that money will be using for India’s developement.

  91. Government should bring back all the black money. Its our money. we students should fight for this. Mr.Anna hasare, an 75 year old man whose life is almost end. he sacrifies his life against corruption. why not students. we should step in politics. thats the only solution . no politican are true to us. we should step up the economic status of our country. As Mr.Abdul Kalam says we should be no.1 country in 2020. we should move forward to this.

  92. Nothing will change in India. NOTHING! You indians strike and strike and strike and NOTHING CHANGES! just school closings and traffic incoveniences as well as some media coverage… The world KNOWS India has the POTENTIAL to be a SUPER POWER but it will NEVER reach such status– due to its poor, poor, poor infrastructure and corruption (not only among politicians but among the police AND universities)… Corruption is on so many levels of government that it is no wonder why India is not going to change. Like a cheap Indian, India doesn’t throw money at the things that need to be spent such as improving infrastructure, improving education, and improving military capabilities –still you buy cheap and unreliable Russian-grade military crap.

    I apologize for being offensive, its just I visit India every once in awhile and I see the same thing. I admit there is some imrpovement and some things have gotten better but really not much has changed. Strikes need to be taken more seriously — take it to the houses of these politicians. Sit in front of their houses if you have to. Rally not only colleges but religious and workplaces to bring change. A India UNITED against a common enemy despite class, religion, region, age, status will bring change. Until then you have a bunch of kids on TV looking like fools.

  93. God got bribe from PoliticiansThat’s Y he doesn’t take the action

  94. Good job u had done Hats of u Wikileaks.

  95. Hats off to WIKILEAKS TEAM. I am thanking you behalf of ALL INDIANS.

  96. Yes U R rrrrrrright. Congress could not have not entertained them properly through Sheela, Munni or Jalebi bai.

  97. Politicians Are aslo veyr innocent and cute infact they are Looteri Dulhan

  98. Jinka khaya hai unko bhi to tension hai Bhai. Labourers working on 2000 per month. Doctorates working as clerks. Govt servents drawing high salary wihtout doing any work. Jawab Chahiye in san tension Ka

  99. Thanks Wikileaks Team. More Revelations awaited. Our Munni, Shiela and Jalebi Bai are waiting to entertain you. But do not reveal their bank accounts or other activities. Pleeease. Nahin to way ud jayengi- They will fly away.


  101. you done the good job,at the same time indian government have to take severe decision,hats of u wikileaks team.

  102. indian govt must bring back all black money from swiss and corrupt peoples may be hanged ………………

  103. actually our indian president is like puppet she is just a name sake president ….
    many countries got independence after india have been developed but in india many people and children are starving for food literacy unemployement bribery even for birth certifactes …… basically our pillars of indian govt is stupid goose……..
    if anna hazare comes to seat of p.m there will be big change for india jai hind hazare.

  104. Why still the politicians are making this much delay to sake the heads to make the proper channel. This is very rediculous to hear. I think herein after they will do this.

  105. its rediculous y our govt isnt bringing back the black money from swiss bank. our politicians are not gonna change, instead we have to change our mind set, we should revolt against this ultracorrupted politicians. common brothers and sisters its for mother land, mother india cant bear these corrupted idits any more on her shoulders,let us make her free from a very dangerous and contageous virus-“corruption”. when i a 17 year old boy such a fire in me why cant u. i storngly demand to introduce “janlokhpal”.

    mera bharath mahaan

  106. Rajiv Gandhi : 1,98,000 crores. See the irony Mom Italian is readying another Baba for PM. As if this lakhs of crores is small amount for her. Priyanka is giving interviews mom will be back very soon. Ha ha, kyon nahi, where else u will loot this much amount except India. Did she every bother to find out whether we want her back or not.

    Baby priyanka, i think this much amount is more than enough for her to live or die outside India. but please stay away from our country. Baki ki zindagi Nani ke ghar spend kar lo. Pllleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaase

  107. Where is the Media : Times Now – Arnob Gowsami ,NDTV – Barkha Dutt,CNN IBN – Rajdeep !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you have good bite (news) here .why dont you focus on this matter.

    And Guys speaking about Politicians their maybe a UPA & NDA in House of Parliament But they are all interlinked / strongly united when it comes to Black Money Probe,

    If iam guessing correct all these 64 years Independent INDIA is Ruled by CONGRESS govt.,Majority of it been Looted by them only when they speak / bother about AAM AADMI why dont they get back those looted money and serve them for same cause.

    When it comes to OPPOSITION LEADERS if they have list of Black Money Holders rather than Black Mailing in House of Parliament ,Pls Disclose those Papers and Save the country from the Black Cloud shedded by this Corrupted Politicians.

    Anyway I suspect & Condemn Both the UPA & NDA

  108. Dear Rajesh
    I Agree with ur point of view But, !!

    U should also know that INDIA is majorly ruled by CONGRESS only know.

  109. Govarment Take the action with fast

    Yes Yes Yes

  110. indians politicion play a black money
    All indian people share in 1 crore in per people indian say very happy
    This activites say in india no poor india’s

  111. thats true

  112. They are all busy scuttling Annaji and what he stand for.I often wondered why is the likes of chidambaran and kapil sibil trying to derail the no-corruption movement.Now it is crystal clear why tey do it. Where is the cricket supremo ? I bet 5 rupees that he will beat everyone by 10000 crores.will top the list,Any takers?

  113. Wake up man. It is the politicians who has stashed the largest loot in swiss you think they will willingly bring the money back? All you and I can do is grin and bear it:). Have a nice day

  114. yeah true,they turned in hard cold cash and bunged it in the swis bank.Smile- there is nothing we can do about it or tell ANNAabout it.

  115. All of them hang till death

  116. This is alarming. But who will give that money back to the Government for the well being of India.

    Annaji’ s ways gives us confidence. But how it will be fullfilled is the next dream.

  117. its 100% true..

  118. We are the ones who have voted these politicians in their office .They have betrayed us and all these crores and crores of rupees shoulb be braught back to India. And the culprits should be stripped of their titles and all their assets confiscated and they all should go to jail and keys should be thrown away.

    That said, I wish some one like anna or kejriwal or bedi should start the next revolution to bring these haramkhor chors to book and make them accountable for every penny they have stashed abroad.

    when will people wake up. When Anna said , go to these politicians office and gherao gthem ..

    People power has shown in Eguypt, Libya and yemen that it can change regimes.
    so why cann’t we do the same .

    Untill and unless we realise the power of our vote , we will be taken like fools by these haramis and they will be riding us for ever.

    jain bharat mata ki, vande matram.

  119. from all the 29 names of indians now it is clear that nearers and dearers of th account holders will frequently go to forien trips either for a operation or otherwise till election of 2014. because most of them are related to the present govt which is without PM (who is controlled by others)

  120. thanks WIKILEAKS,a good job.where is the second list?

  121. Hats off to WIKILEAKS TEAM. I am thanking you behalf of ALL INDIANS.

  122. i think it’s some true only.more Indian’s are in account.

  123. Our Govt not take any action
    We should take an actio
    Like Mission.
    Clean Every Corrupted People In India
    According to our dirty politicians and industrialists

    Be A Real Indian. And Clean Every Thing.
    Mission India Starts An ExtraOrdinary Revolution
    Come And join In Mission India

  124. this only gives the black money stached in swiss bank accounts. There are several other tax havens. what about those accounts ?

  125. now we all know why the congress leadership is not interested in removing corruption as c for congress and c for corruption, bcuz madamji ko cash chaiye and sardar sahib to chup chap sab kam karte hein

  126. TON OF THANKS TO Wikileaks

  127. if it is so .take action .make india rich

  128. first my big thanks to wikileaks ….these people must be punished as per indian citizens wish , becoz we are the persons affected a lot….the black money should be get back soon and make our country wealth..

  129. Indian Political parties converted into Mafia Groups.Who cheated and looted the indian ^AAM JANATA^

  130. Anna Hazare is just a front for Congress-I. It seems he is the personal AGENT of Sonia Antonia Maino. That is why he keeps quiet on all the allegations against Sonia and also eulogizes Sonia Maino. He wrote a letter to Sonia seeking her support for his so called Bill while a Fifth Grader knows that Sonia is the FOUNTAIN-HEAD of CORRUPTION in our MOTHER-INDIA as on the day. Sonia represents the perennial RULING PARTY that parades itself in the guise of Indian National Congress of the GLORIOUS yester-years. Now Congress-I means just only Nehru-Indira dy”nasty”‘s whole-sale DOOKAAN. Sonia inherited all the BLACK MONEY stashed by not only Rajiv but also his mom Indira Priyadarshini Khan-Nehru Non-Gandhi and even his(Rajiv’s) grand-pa Jawaharlal Nehru. So, it might be “N” crores of Rupees – like 9999999999, 99999999999, 999999999, 999999999999, 9999999,9999999, 999999999, 999999999, 9999999, 99999999 CRORES. The common man can never count it. It is time our Supreme Court intervene and send all the culprits to jail.

  131. the persons should be hanged …..fu** these blody persons…………



  134. Dear Citizens.Good Morning to everyone.I love Indians but some of them are not caring of thier people around them.I don’t know why they are acting like this.If Indian wants to culminate and get a quality life after thier education,our govt has to give the job to everyone with help of this black money.

    Of course,our people start thinking about how to recover our black money from the foreign banks so that they can survive and achive our goal of a developed nation.
    Be proud of Indian but pls don’t encourage and involve such corruptions in India thereafter.
    Take care of Indians.
    Jai Hind!

  135. I gave a thought to this black money problem, may be am blunt…. print new Rs 500 and Rs 1000 notes and stop inward of Indian currency from forex. Make it through only new notes. Have an account of foreign black money print equal ant of new notes take out the burden of loans on the Indian people. start big projects give housing loan with nominal interest or interest free for shelter less .Create more employment .this boom will give a phenomenal strength to Indian economy and India become super power. May be bill has to be passed in the parliament for that we need to change non corrupt MP”s and MLAs for that we have to vote without notes.

  136. One thing baffles me, what one will do with a cash stash of Rs.2,00,000 Crore or Rs.3,00,000 Crore.. U cannot eat Diamonds in your food… There is no limit to their greed.

  137. It is Astonishing to note that when so many millionaires are there in India, India can’t be called as poor country. All these people should be hanged publicly without showing any mercy.

  138. how this amount will back………we must have to………

  139. Shut the hell up all of you. Tum log to aise ro rahe ho ki tumhare ghar ka paisa le ke gaye hain wo log. And b4 u guys engage that brain of yours, let me clarify, m nt the son of any of those members neither do I hv any relation wid them. I’m also an Aam Admi, son of a grocer, but I understand the situation. This is the state of india and it going to be this way for ever. It is true that those money came from the taxes paid by citizen of india, but that’s the tax you have to pay to the govt. as a citizen. And what they do with the money is also shown to people, but still people don’t bat an eyelid when they see that construction of a road was way too overcharged. We barely even comment on these small things which are important. You may try and change it but its only upto some extent that it will work. If any official is handling big amounts like 2,00,000 crores they are definetly gonna keep few crores for themselves, nd this will hold true even for your dear anna ji. Even if you were in there position you would have done the same. What they do is wrong, and it should not be done but they are all human beings like us. We all are selfish, right now we all are angry bcoz they have that money and not us. And if you think I’m wrong then plz go ahead, no one is stopping you from making your own political party and ruling this country nd provimg that I’m wrong, after all india is a democratic country. This is the current state of india, you don’t like it, then do something about it yourselves rather than shouting on blogs or leave the country for some other place to settle down..

  140. thanks julian assange for providing list. our media (all) is fear to display this list, why?
    it means they are also corrupt. it is my request to nation pride media person , please show this list on their channel so that all indian will aware of this matter.

  141. Dude that government is only holding this black money, then how they will take action??????

  142. ‘Anna just a front for Congi-I’. Stupidity knows no boundaries!! Can we have some more hilarious theories.??

  143. When the government itself is corrupt how can we expect them to get the wealth of people. But when the government itself made of people why dont we take the initiative to get the money back??? have we all ever thought about this????

  144. People are good but only circumstances make us bad

  145. we can but what is the use even supreme court is on their side so how can we file a case and expect to win the case would not even stand for a day and we will be blamed for filing an wrong case ultimately

  146. its shameless to every true Indian

  147. Every Indian can support to get the black money use for India’s success in poor economy

  148. well said pooja

  149. Bring all the black money kept abroad out of india and punish the culprits and their kith and kins severely, so that politics may be cleaned and money can be used for the development of india, so that India becomes no,1 developed country in the world.Narender Daliya.

  150. Ranitaji! STOP your STUPIDITY! Watch the video clips of Vishwa Bandhu Dasgupta and DR. Subramanian Swamy. He(Anna) shuns only the opposition leaders – he even praised Rahul the upstart as the hope and future PM. He started his fake DEEKSHA just before the polling dates (in 5 States – West Bengal, Kerala, Tamil Nadu Etc.,) and just one day before polling his agent(Swamy Agnivesh, the now well-known chamcha of Kapil Sibal) issued a clean chit to UPA. So, Anna is just an actor in the Sonia produced, directed with script and screen-play GRAND-GALA-RELEASE “Jan Lokpal Stunt Movie”. Why can’t Anna raise his voice against Sonia’s involvement in 2-G Spectrum where Sonia received 60% share?

  151. Ranitaji! STOP your STUPIDITY! Watch the video clips of Vishwa Bandhu Dasgupta and DR. Subramanian Swamy. He(Anna) shuns only the opposition leaders – he even praised Rahul the upstart as the hope and future PM. He started his fake DEEKSHA just before the polling dates (in 5 States – West Bengal, Kerala, Tamil Nadu Etc.,) and just one day before polling his agent(Swamy Agnivesh, the now well-known chamcha of Kapil Sibal) issued a clean chit to UPA. So, Anna is just an actor in the Sonia produced, directed with script and screen-play GRAND-GALA-RELEASE “Jan Lokpal Stunt Movie”. Why can’t Anna raise his voice against Sonia’s involvement in 2-G Spectrum where Sonia received 60% share?

  152. Pahly India SONY ki chidya hua karta Thaa ab Black Money k karan india KALA KAWWA BAN GAYA HAI.

  153. that is why i am thinking why India isn’t prograssing. I watched many Indian movie about politics it is still the same problem as in this news. i hope that day should arrive soon in every country that the politician at least should be honest with their people.

  154. Let us hope for Supreme Court’s SIT work as it is very much hopeful. If the paper evidence is collected then most of these will be definitely in the jail. As Julian Assange said ‘Let Indian people hope’.

  155. Sir/ Madam.
    Firstly i want to say Thanks for wikileaks to give the inform of that type.Sir balanve of the Indians in Swiss bank may you will our plaeure.

  156. I personally feel all the money stashed in swiss banks should be in some form of currency and definitely not in INR so the next best choice has to be in the form of US dollars.This explains the fact that though the american economy is in doldrums the dollar seems to be very strong as ever.Naturally the US is also patronising the indian crooks,in this matter.

  157. What will happen if all the stashed money is brought back to india at once.Ther will be total chaos and anarchy as the economy will collapse and stock market will go negative.
    If at all the money is to brought in it has to be in multiples of 1.0 lac crores every 6 months.

  158. Mam Lalitha,
    We should not forget that if we have right to write that does not mean we can write anything rubbish specially for the person like Annaji……its totally unfair to write such thing about Annaji.

  159. dear anna gandhi you are proved it ki karodo ki company khadi krne k liye donation ki jarurat hoti hai pr arbo ki company k liye koi donation ki jarurat nahi hoti……….? hum sabhi indian aapke sath hai [aapne sager ko gager me bhar diya]god gives more energy.mere anna tumhe lakho nahi arbo hindustaniyo ka salam.

  160. They all should be declared as the most wanted criminals and should be booked under national security act and also people should struggle to get the list of remaining cheating Indians in order to book under the same Act. The money should be immediately be brought to Indian exchequer.


  162. you fool why are you cheating i want list of andhra pradesh black money holders

  163. you see nothing will change in india.corruption is a river in india it will flow like a river because people want money to vote.politicians will give 500 for vote and take 500cr 4ryear .wikileaks is the best website that it leak the black money published only some should publish full names.people should change to vote with out money.and then anna hajare or any or i should do hunger strike.corruption is a e-river in india.people should change and then politicians should change.will u publish full list

    ……………………………………. thank u

  164. you see nothing will change in india.corruption is a river in india it will flow like a river because people want money to vote.politicians will give 500 for vote and take 500cr 4ryear .wikileaks is the best website that it leak the black money published only some should publish full names.people should change to vote with out money.and then anna hajare or any or i should do hunger strike.corruption is a e-river in india.people should change and then politicians should change.will u publish full list

    ……………………………………. thank u

  165. congress khati hai 1 admi ko roj 32 rs kafi hai gujara karne kailiye, par jab congress ki adyaksh sirf appni gupt bimari ka ilaj karane vedeshi doctor ke bharosi carodo rupe lutakar hamri desh ki lako doctoron ka name karb kardiya , muje lagta hai oo apne swiis piase ko khain aur chupakar aarahi hai,
    congress is bar phier chunkar aito mere desh ka kya hoga sochkar mere body me current doudta hai……… bhagwan ke liye is bhar congress ko haraka mere desh ki bigadi hui paristiti ko sudarni ki suruwat karo………..jai hind jai bharath mata.

  166. no reaction at all by govt. what to do our time is bad

  167. India must wage a war against siwtzerland and get the money back from them. JAI HIND.

  168. i think the whole system is currepted . whenever youth do not have interest about black money the system will not change.

  169. We Share Telangana strike ( Sakalajanula Samme) News over all overseas through Your side


  171. its been two months since this discussion going on.. finally whts the use of it? anyone took any heed? wher r those 24*7 news channels now?

  172. hungry people are dying due to lack of food but these idiots are baking their breads on money stashed away# hang these guys so that in near future no one will dare to do that@

  173. in netaon ko fhansi de do

  174. where is our hon. President…….?????????? why she is not coming in support of us. Why she is not taking any actions…….??? I wonder about her… is that what is made for…. just to sit on President’s seat quietly & to do nothing. why she is not calling a meeting of both the houses…..???? This is the only time when our India needs her most, & she’s just sitting quitely & not even speaking anything…..!!

  175. Thank god,Gandiji,Netaji,And all remaining Freedom Fighters are not alive…………….
    I think,if these people were exist,either they suffered by heart attack or this (Black Listers) people kill them………

  176. The system in India is evil to say the least. It favors the crooks, thugs,mafia and all anti-social elements. The generation of massive black money only shows how stupid the lawmakers/constitution makers have been for India. It is high time India overhauled the system. It may be impossible to retrieve all the trillion stashed abroad but it is very much possible to stop the out flow of money from India. Just overhaul the stupid system!!!!


  178. ya may be fake but one thing remeber that congress rule over 60 year thats why the list of most congress leader

  179. Dear All
    There is no use of speaking to bring all black money , today onwards if the below points is followed up we will completely stop the corruption.
    1.Bank account (Only one ) should be open each and every child with birth certificate and parents ration card as a proof.For this process each and every citizen will have only one bank account and debit and machine.
    2.Bank should provide a debit card and card machine (Cell phone size).
    3.If any one wants to give some money? they will scratch their card to the babies machine.
    4.If the baby wants to buy any she will scratch his card.

    You think this very sincerly really it is work out.



  180. stop commenting here and do an work show ur power in work not in words

    ….. u all will tell like this only but no one will going to repair it
    /”Every one see that the system is very dirty but no one wants get into that and clean it”
    if u can do that than dont comment about that ,every one now wants to be software engineers no one wants to be a social reformer ,
    every one thin that wjho ever go to politics very uneducated

    i remember u gays one thing tht our 60% of politians are highy qulified … but due to pressure they cnt able to show their capablity ,, IQ of manmohan sigh is same as narayan murthi
    proved by a forieng survey

    if want to ay any thing shoe tha in ur action not in words

  181. we have to support anna hazare for immediate action\………………

  182. we have 4.8 lakh crore black mone inindia

  183. All srtes of local people have bcom fmos coz of politics wth the help of blck money. Really zaid i suport u 100 %.anna iz the one and only prson who can b trusted.

  184. see this blacksheets…………….

  185. india is in need of a leader……a great leader…..n in can be no 1..except narendra modi……..D WORLDZZ BEST LEADER…HE HAS TURNED GUJARAT INTO HEAVEN….i have full faith that he can also turn india into heavenn…the best leader n politition..a ever knoww………

  186. These people are worse than daciots. They have raped and killed people of india indirectly and we are ashamed of them because of their origin.

  187. at first we elect a great leader

  188. Screw you Congress

  189. We feel shame on our selves because we have elected such people as our leaders and still we are electing and in future also we will elect such people only. Its sad of INDIA

  190. I would love to see Maya memsaab’s assets too. Rs. 382 crore spent on a freaking park in a country of farmer suicides and malnourished (read starving) children. All our politicians are equally corrupt. Who the hell should we vote for?

  191. Don’t know the credibility of this image…but as per WIKILEAKS’s FACEBOOK account this image wasn’t released by WIKILEAKS….

  192. Bus la conductor kitta namma 50 kasu ketave ava kasa ketta madhiri konthalipan, machi oru tea sollen

  193. More than 58 years our country ruled by congress party and they show way to corruption and corrupted money stored at Swiss bank. To run the government they encouraged alliance Politian’s also, like Lalu, Sarad pawar etc. First of all I believe that the voters are to think twice and thrice before putting their vote in the ballet or otherwise these buggers will come in new getups with new plans, which Mr. Y.S Raja sekhar reddy, former chief minister of Andhra Pradesh was introduced and declared corruption is our family / group right.
    First of all the listed persons money is to bring back India and handover them to Anna team.

    Please save India and particularly from congress party.



  195. all r showing in film black money this much but nobody r geting it back is their any way to get it

  196. plz give THE full information to CBI

  197. better good its use ful

  198. I request Wikileaks to HACK their bank accounts… and make a private Govt. jus like the Picture ‘Shivaji’ (The Boss)…….. if nothing in india is happening legally, then its necessary to do this work illegally…. and spend that money on INDIA… am’i Right Guys…

  199. Thanks for your effort.

  200. if government will not take any actions we will not vote upa-2 .

  201. i liked the work done by wiki-leaks so all the best

  202. It’s a FAKE
    You can check wikileaks official comment on the matter.

  203. govt shoud take action immeatly but concres also in swiss bank acconut
    so why to take action dmk congress will finish indian gagana
    big strike is comes on to resolve this problems
    other wise india is not improved the sonia gandhi is mail problom of india
    he will resign to seafe india
    vade matharam …………………………………………

  204. In karnataka bs. yedyurappa is in jail because of land denotification ammount to less than 100 crores, where as HD. KUMARASWAMI deposited 14500 Crores in Swiss Bank within the span of 6 years of his political carrier, but he is scot free. Our govt. can’t take action as it is full of scandels, only GOD has to save our country.

  205. ok.

  206. hailing from an agricultural family ,i know the difficulties involved in earning just just a crore these traitors of the nation have thousands and lakhs of these crores….if all the money were used on peoples welfare,i’m pretty sure that each and every village in india can get atleast 50cr apiece and that would make us a rich nation…but india is marching from democracy to plutocracy and i dont see india’s recovery from the abomination of black money in the near future ….

  207. open this link and understand the truth wiki leaks did not published any Indian black money list.

  208. Somebody send a letter to the PM and the Government or CBI to investigate and act on this list. Let us see what government says. Or somebody should put an RTI about all this leaks about corruption and why Indian Govt is silent on it.

  209. now a days indian leaders are looking people like a slaves for example in southern india around andhra pradesh [costal andhra] there is a town [vijayawada-ashok nagar]college named sri chaitanya, the staff in that college are beating the inter second year students like a”””” dogs””””’ for the small mistakes [are they lords for giving punishment] the food is not at all good ,the bathing water is a drainage water”””{but they are issuing from the students every year 54000ruppes] like that today our constitution is there ”””””””””””””””””””’when the indian people will get freedom””””””””””””””””””””where is the indian leader””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””’??????????????????????

  210. that’s the truth behind the Indian politics & the government.Politician robbing Indian people & depositing their black money in overseas bank & when election comes they are showing their properties & money in lakhs so that no one can blame them.when the people like Anna Hazzare, Ramdev starts anshan for return of this black money to Indian people government used to sit idle.This shows that present government are protecting these black listed persons (Swiss bank account holders) ………..

  211. we need a change …………………………..we all should strike against them ……………
    we need money for in dia development ….and they take it …………………….sab ko pakald ke maro…………………..

  212. hey every one are saying that government should take action but one thing you haven’t noticed that most of the person in the above list are working in the main and top positions in the Indian government our government member itself are like this then there is no use of blaming that “government should take action” this is a waste statement people of India only have to take action everyone have to combined and have to provide necessary solutions for this stuffs …………

  213. this is the greatness of india politics and thosi is how they make us poorer and poorer

  214. That is the reason most of them are scared.. Fear of being punished and abandoned from the society….. Who’s ready to accept the truth and get abandoned…..!!! I’m not for sure……

    So I say I dont bribe neither I’m corrupted….

    If no punishment.. Yes I’m….. 🙂

  215. Please share the so called wikileak URL from where you got this list. I wonder how Indians are made FOOLS and make bised to people that they want to through these channles. If those are the names then where are the names of people like Yediruppa, Reddy brothers and other leaders of various parties? I read this article all over the places and even from my FBfriends as forwards. I really wonder why Indian people are made to play puppets at the hands of people with vested interests.

  216. wah wah mere bhart desh k sapoooto….. kamal kar diya apna desh looot kar dusre desh ki chamak bda rahe ho…….in short …Gddddaaaaaaarrrrr

  217. where is the actual wikileaks article???? i dont think wikileaks has released any such document. if u have the source do paste it otherwise stop making false acquisitions on such sensitive issues.

  218. Read the blog carefully and you will get your answer.

  219. […] Here is the link for wikileaks INDIAN ALL STAR Team.But I think its old news of August. Wikileaks releases some of the Top Black Money Holders from India, according to | News of … Attached […]

  220. God save Indian people , annaji we r there wit u To fight againt this political people . We all Indian , youth should support Anna hazara , ramdave , sir sir Ravi shankarji . We will clean political garbage of our country. Jai hind

  221. their names should be remove from their indian goverment list & their citizenship should be taken back for them &for the family JAIHIND

  222. Stand up all of them in a queue and shoot them.

  223. Some immediate step should be taken in this.

  224. sarkar ke haath me kuch nahin hai rajiv gandhi ka swiss bank me 190000cr hai to kaun black money ki enquiry karane ki himmat karega sarkar uski kuch bhi nahi sune gi karan sonia bhi lapete me aa jayegi sayad isi liye blackmoney ki list jari karne me sarkar ko problem hai

  225. laluji ka chara ghotala bhi swiss bank me hai kayee b j p wale aur kayee bade officer sath me kayee bam dal ke netao ka bhi croron rupiya isi tarah ke bank me hoga isi kiye koi bhi neta list jari kar us rupeye ko national property ghosit karne se dar raha hai hammam me sab nage hai to ujagar kaun karega marege to hum garib hi jo bhi is bare me kahega use ya to jail ya phir hospital sabhi neta officer beimaan hai isiiye kaha jata hai ki 100 me 99 beimaan phir bhi desh ke neta bharat ko kahte mahaan

  226. good job……we must know that hw goverments uses our money and its better for ur future

    keep it on…….


  227. youngster should take responsibilities to save our mother(country)… her children are struggling by these issues…so as soon as possible the money should bring back to our country… bharath matha ki jai

  228. Let us fight against corruptions and corrupted politians….

  229. we have to change our country…we have to fight against corruption…we want change in
    our politics……..

  230. currupt people must punish

  231. desiya orumai padu indha vishayathil sariyaha illathu

  232. our politicians are united in this case to put the black money in swiss and not to reveal their name at point of time. how to put an end for this, all G7 country to announce one day that their currency is not valid, so the black money deposited by our people and also other country persons who ever deposited in swiss will become invalid.

  233. it is not possible to bring money to our country till congress party ruling end……

  234. Principles for a good Governance:

    1. Be absolutely truthful and honest to oneself
    2. All Govt. positions to be filled after a careful and detailed Moral and Ethical examination
    3. Politicians and Leaders – Should be given a practical examination
    Practical Examination objective
    – 3.1 – Go to each and every house in your constituency, (barefooted, by walk)
    – 3.2 – Know how many persons are living in their house.
    – 3.3 – Serve all the people menially in their constituency
    – 3.4 – Services could include cleaning the street’s drainage, cleaning the dust bin
    – 3.5 – People must rate them according to the services they did.
    – 3.6 – Media should NOT advertise what the existing politicians and leaders have done
    – 3.7 – Final ratings for the politicians and leaders should be known to the people, not through grandiose media arrangements, but simply by spreading the word.
    – 3.8 – Depending on the ratings the people should say FIT or UNFIT
    – 3.9 – UNFIT politicians should respectfully get down themselves from the Leader or politician post, if not by FORCE they should be dragged down, and if necessary PUNISH them even up to point of HANGING them.
    – 3.10 – FIT politicians must again serve the people for a stipulated time, withing their constituency first, then upon a VOW, “if i am found corrupt, people have all the authority to PUNISH me even upto the point of HANGING me”
    – 3.11 – Once the VOW is taken, the FIT ones can continue in their positions
    – 3.12 – The Government should not spend a penny (or) paisa for the politicians and leaders to go their offices, they must use the public transport to commute to their offices.

    4. People must be encouraged to come forward and judge their politicians and leaders without any personal bias and also people must act instead of just passing comments and remain mum. Eg: Anna Hazare’s Bill sort of thing which gives power to citizens, Lok Pal Bill sort of thing could be added to all countries politics.

    5. Politics is a wonderful platform to serve people, but today even the word “politics” has become synonymous to words theives, culprits, and rowdies. This must be changed and the change of thought must arise from each and every person who desperately need a “Rama Rajya” sort of “transparent and pure”governance. It is said that at the time of Rama’s rule, even the animals like cows,bulls were extremely happy that they gave abundant supply of milk.

    6. Politicians instead of accusing the opposite politicians and leaders, they must actively criticize or oppose the views and not any persons as such.

    7. Completely cut all the extra taxes that has burdened the citizens, today tax forms the main source of revenue to the Government, to say it in another way, tax money feeds the corrupt leaders and polticians. Citizens has the right to know what Govt, is doing with the tax money and not only the tax money but the citizens has the right to know how much money does Government has at it’s disposal. This is called transparency in Governance

    I have poured whatever I had thought on reading this long page, I dont want to blame the corrupt leaders, neither I dont want to keep silent. Just offered some thoughts and I deeply desire that the Governance should change a lot, before talking about change of Governance, the people who form the Government should change in a deep way. Becoming good to themselves first and to the citizens at large next.

    If atleast one reader becomes inspired by my reading, and desire in a deep way for the change of Governance. I would consider my little attempts to be successful.

    Thanks to you the reader for your time patience and effort for reading this

    Bharat Vasi

  235. “shoot all of them” superstars of india

  236. Agar koi mere pe Invest kare aur yeh list de jao in logon ko maut k ghaat utar k aao woh mereliye bhagwan hoga. Kam se kam aagey koi aisa nahin karega. Woh money aayega nahin aayega malum nahin magar maut ka darr barkar rahega. Yeh log garibi paida karte hain garib log apna ghar paal ne k liye crime karte hain. At least India se kuch crime kam hoga…….

  237. Balatkarion ne humara balatkar kar hi de, they should be punished/hanged.

  238. people here in india struggling for basic needs, they dont av proper food, clothes, shelter n hospital but politicians and other crooks are getting more privileges than us…. still they are not criminals? come on india do something……

  239. FAKE!!! FAKE!!! FAKE!!!

    Stop fooling Indians with such vested fake stories.Wikileaks never released this. And Indians too should at least have the common sense to check the facts before reacting in this age of digital information.

  240. block all of them accounts

  241. Please all name and amount Published and send our Email id

  242. since it is not hidden that we all know that india has the potential to be the only or among the most richest countries in the world.if the black money will be routed out of india then india will be the most richest country in the world.but for this the indian politics must be changed. because from a street vendor to a big buiseness man,all are currupt and this will be continued till the indian politics will remain unchanged! i ask why? if india is a democratic country,and we the people have the right to vote anybody,then why only that representative is voted who is very aged,above 50 or 60? why the youngsters are not given a chance? yes, that is different that no body wanted to stand in the elections.but have we ever thought that why they do not want to enter the indian politics? because indian politics is the world’s currupted politics! every body knows that every thing can be changed even the tail of a dog can be folded straight but indian politics cannot be changed,cannot be changed!

  243. please bring that money to india and develop our india

  244. Congress ka hath swiss bank ke sath….

  245. Plzzzzzz, i request all indian leaders to work aganist corruption and bring all indian black money from swiss bank…………………….

  246. this is good job.

  247. $$$$$$$$$$$money$$$$$$$$$ is indian’s best honey

  248. only 3% of people are occupied the 80% of all major wealth and position how can you expect from them that they will bring the money back ?

  249. please bring that money to india.we will become no 1 in the world.

  250. hi guys …….. its true wht ever Jitendra B Rankhambe said india is fully corrupted each and every indian youths should make a revolution…we should fight and earn our justice…in this case…..

  251. shayed hum bhi tabhi tak emandar hain, jab tak beimani ka avsar nahi milta.

  252. Oh god just look at differnce between both first and second list
    “Yhe public hai sab jaanti hai “

  253. dear friend nobody is their to , call to shootout this type of people, this people should be punish, as per saudi arabi law, cut their head in front of public.
    our mother land was never poor but this people make her poor. change our law our old law protect this type of people. thats why baba ramdev movement crush out. The law makers money in swiss bank . i dont this till now this money is their in swiss bank. allready, they transfer to some other counter bank account.

  254. Thanks to Wikileaks, no matter, the CEO is facing charges in US, but have done his job on this earth. I am heartly thankful to Wikileaks for showing the concerns on the Public Money. Wikileaks has also given the strategy of the countries who have double face in DOING and in SHOWING. The youth of today’s ERA should be thankful to the Wikileaks, instead of punishing, they should be awarded. Please provide me a list of those 700 hundred Indian Black Money Holders, who has their a/c in OVERSEAS. The Citizens of India should be aware about these names. Everybody is requested here to provide such Names.

  255. the government first of all keep the polticians in jail

  256. please govt kill that bustards who have black money. in front of public
    please avoid poorness in india by using that black money.

  257. hi this is kashi nath from hyderabad, andhrapradesh, india. i was the employee of R.S of the big garment showrooms in andhra pradesh. 2 months back income tax had rided in R.S brothers. and got 30 crores black money and the management of R.S. Brothers management offers 50000 corruption to income officers and they took the corruption and went out. so please recover the black money of 30 crores in R.S.Brothers plz help india.
    jai hind
    vandeey mataram

  258. money to be seized. money too in india in the names of them and their relatives should be seized and FINALLY , ON THE CHANDNI CHOWK, THEY SHOULD BE HANGED.

  259. hi i am Lalit Bisht from faridabad and i want to say that corruption is like a warm which is making India a hollow country…to stop corruption first we have to pass jan lokpal bill in the stabding commitee then the convicted people have to be given death sentenced as their punishment…

  260. Thanks to wikileaks you teared the false mask of the politicians. We will support you. Support wiki leaks. We will fight against corruption.

  261. bring the money back and punish the account holder.send them to jail.

  262. hat’s of to u r teem wikileaks….

  263. There is a no chance of punishing black money holders, because politicians holds more number of black money and they are also in leading party,then how it will makes possible?if we are a true indians, we want to do something… surely we must to take some necessary action.

  264. hat’s of wikiliks. you give big information.i think our country not take a correct action about that block money in indian top leadors. they also included stop action about that block money. media should awaring to give the major role about that block money to tell the factual information to the people. the swiss bank block money and 2-G spectrom scam are spoils our country.plz should the bledy thifs. to save india.

  265. our heartly thanks to wikileaks for giving us this information…these comments from over the world is a great achievement for u…

    i just wana inform to indian citizens that each nd every politicians are sucking our blood..
    it has to be stopped before they sell our land in front of us…
    one person’s black money is enough to pay INDIA’s debts…
    instead of hiking prices of commodities,these black money could be used to raise the economy of our country……
    plssssss act to it,instead of saying about it..

  266. ye hamare desh ke ring leader. aam logo ki bat karne wali congress party ko log sabak sikhayenge, kyon ki ye log sachhai ko samne aane se rok rahe hai, ispar parda dal rahe hai.kaise in lutero par des ki kaman chod de?

  267. wikileakes type organization should be provided with international law protection. for their role to play real time information brodcasters.thanks to wikileaks. you are real protector of true & participatory democracy & rule of law

  268. All the chor of is desh ki sala saba chora desh ki gaddar ki rups hamari desh ki garib janta me bantadena chahiya.ple wikilakes help ur poor people.

  269. our all indian thanks for wikilease.netaji subhas ch.bose aaj rahte to aisa nahi hota.india ko congras party mill kar do vag kar diya hai., aaj amir amir hua ja raha hai or garib garib ho raha hai. kon hai isko roke ga?

  270. Wikileaks a truly friendly team of the world I respect your attitude.WHOLE HEARTEDLY I SUPPORT YOUR ACTIVITIES. You people can change the mindset of the world.

  271. thank u sir by keeping this

  272. sir i want registration on your site pls send me link as soon as possible.

  273. the flower (our bloods)in a monkey (politicians&bussiness people)hands

  274. our heartly thanks to wikileaks for giving us this information…these comments from over the world is a great achievement for u…

    the flower (our bloods)in a monkey (politicians&bussiness people)hands

  275. sonia is the first,you are the best

  276. 1st intha oh god save my india apdinu solradha vittutu enna pannanum apdinu yosinga we r yougers we can do anything1 so namma union ah irunthu seyalpatta namma INDIA namaku suthamanadha kedaikum. namma gandi thatha madhiri ahimsa padi pona waste subash chandra boss madhiri rowthira padi pona dhan intha kullanari kootatha olika mudium bcoz i m a tamilan ROWTHIRAM PALAGU

  277. oru naal intha maathiri yaana dhesa dhrohigalai bharatha thaaiku erai akkuvom…bharatha naatil ellainzhergal pattalam ullathai maranthu sezhal padum dhesa dhrohigaluku ethu oru echarikai…..bharath matha ki jai……bharath matha ki jai…..

  278. oh…….god, they are destroying there own country, all of these people must go to hell.

  279. oh…god they r destroying our country, all of these must go to hell.

  280. Sssssssssss.Its absolutely correct

  281. what the hell is this??????

  282. BE INDIAN BUY INDIAN This what these politicians are doing. They being Indians are buying “Indians” at the time of election. After coming to power they buy Indian’s Wealth by way of corruption.The black money they have make them to forget that “They can not take with them even a single coin with them at the time of their demise and the wealth can not give them a100% healthy life”

  283. If this is not entirely true but Indian government should come out with proof to answer people.

  284. govt. should handover all the currupt ministers to the public bcoz the govt would never b gng to punish them ………
    every1 is currupted even the curruption is currepted by these type of people . sameless govt ..

  285. when you release the original list of black money holders in india…?????????????????

  286. Today in the rajya sabha Mr jethmalani talked about this.
    Let us support
    and bring the culprits if any under the law

    bring the money of the poors back to the poors
    what they have stolan from these peoples from all these years .

    then only the real india will survive

  287. these politician must be drop to jail and recover black money from them.

  288. The strike of Anna Hazare and Ram Dev is taking the country in right direction.
    Gen Lokpal bill is the hope to stop the corruption.

  289. the main problem india has to face to face with is that of corruption so this evil must be wipe out from our country

  290. wealth is generated by common people, but amassed and stashed away by greedy, selfish and self centered persons. Their only aim is to posess the power to control the global wealth available, without realising that what matters is what a person contributes during his life time. Also by having excess wealth, one cannot get more peaceful sleep, or for that matter eat more than one’s stomach capacity !!! think about it….

  291. salo ye desh tumare baap ka nahi hai jo loote hi ja raho tum sab to angrago se bhi battar ho.agar dam hai to bina security ke road pe chal ke deekhao ghar nahi pahuch pao gay chooro.

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    All sir pleace in my rupes

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  294. All Dear sir
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  297. baba ramdev’s demands to cancell all big size note and make all the transactons compulsory through bank account are extreemly needed now , that would surely check 1:-black money and all block money would come in circulation,2;-check fake currency :::check terrorism , check inflation, check poverty ; that was and is the master key to fight against so big problems, but i think if this happend all faces would unveiled, thats why no body wants to do so . hey bhagwan ! hamare desh ke saath nyaay kar or inko bulale ! ye baba ramdev ki acchhi salaah kyon nahi maante or TV channel wale is tarah ki positive and creative discussion ko kyo nahi dikhate ,media chahe to desh ko nai raah dikha sakta,mujhe bahut dukh or afsos hai ki hamara system itna bkaar kyon ho gaya hai !

  298. electoral reforms , make easy to vote as banks have make us easy to transactions ,so that any one even a labourer can vote to best candidate from any where in india by virtue of technology,no leave, no much expenditure.if govt.ask scientists and engineer to make such a software it can easily be happened, multiparty system should be replaced by 2 to three party system along with reforms,when a sagacious willing citizen would perceive that he can fight an election by his own resources then a day would come when we see a world top parliyamentarian in loksabha who could read and understand our constitution and make necessory amendments as per need of time.then curroption surely be handled along with other volcanoic problems of our country.god bless us !

  299. Thode din or wait karo ek ek kar k subko goli maardi jaigi.inqulab zindabaad

  300. Anna stood for us but when he needs us second time it was a failure. Why people could not support anna as before. Were they tired .

  301. isme netaon ka naam kyun nhi hai jabki ham sab jante hain ki netaon ke paas sabse jyada blackmoney hai

  302. In order to avoid this thing in future and bring all the black money to our country back, youths have to enter into politics and a well educated, knowledge young men’s must be the PM & CM of every state of our country and the one must be the great leader and he make the people to follow on his way. Dear youths please thing of this well. and help for the creation of developed India as our Mr.A.P.J. Abthul Kalam sir said.

  303. hey That server ip is not working man then how 2 get the chance…….. any way we need change if it will be true then we are all BAGGAR and bagging to another country……
    plz we must do somethig…. that’s all thaks Wikileaks

  304. These people are heartless and mindless people. They amassed such a huge amount of money and hide in foreign country when thousands of Indians are going hungry. No stone should be left unturned to get back this money – government should take the matter seriously and acted honesty and accordingly.

  305. we should must change the constitutional law
    as well as change the democracy country and then only correption will come to End other wise nothing to do??????????????????????????

  306. if the politician may charged at under ipc correption section he or she must ” punished ” “minimum 15 years”imporisonment even minimum evidance

  307. main bhrashtachar ke khilaf india against curruption allahabad unit se juda hoon aur ye chahata hoon ki iski poori sacchai janta ke samane aaye ki kis neta ke paas kitani black money hai aur jin netao ka naam mile use jindagi me kabhi bhi chunav me khade hone na diya jaye

  308. good wikileaks good job
    in karnataka also somany are there find out them also

  309. How can I tell them,there is not enough bad words…. To ask them, the indian govt cannot take action…. Its not much easy! In central ther is in high posting person are have ac in swiss! in india 70% peoples incoming is daily just80 rupees… What is the use of money in swiss nothing to nobody! What hell they are doing?
    who one keep the money in swiss , theirs only can take , otherwise its impossible. to take out money from swiss….
    finally there is 99.9% cannot get back the money to the people!

  310. desanni nasanam cheyyadanike allanti vallu pudataru siggu saram emmana vunte ala cheyaru

  311. Kill them.

  312. Probably it may be true.doubt is continoue………………

  313. It is not easy for an indian to bring back the blank money to india. As a large number of account holders are reputed politicians and industrialists.

  314. it is not an easy task to perform.

  315. Hume Garv hai hamari napunshak sarkar par ,jo kala dhan rakhane walo ko protsahit karti hai

  316. cant you take immedaite action with proofz

  317. Oh kuthe sarkar desk ka izzot kyon lut rahe ho.kya apne maa se bhi ese hi izzot lut te ho. Sach bata ke india ko bacho.
    agar tum log nehi bata o ge to tum agle mahine me kali maa tumahri sar kat ke gale me laga legi kutha sarkar.

  318. If you have Black Money and BIG Problem We have good Solution for black money to white money contact me soon we have big plan.

  319. now our gov don”t take the black money don”t think that we will become good country ………………………………………………………………………………….

  320. kadavul than ivangala thandikanum . when my country goes to vallarasu . u r the samson . i m not. u knw wat i m saying.

  321. If our Government would have taken against these non-veg Indians, India could be the one of the best developed country in the world. The mistake is not only the Governments, but also the most innocent public of INDIA. First-of-all the change must be from the people then from the bloody government.

  322. these money was an poor indian blood pay by all the tax.this should be change by the power of students 1ly

  323. It’s not that only governent is responsbile just think of a minute from india that means guv is mirror image of us

  324. It’s not that only governent is responsbile just think of a minute from where the governement comes it is from india that means guv is mirror image of us

  325. Anyone can say about. But it should be done. I am going to get those idiots money to india by them. I can’t do that alone. I need your help. Please guys, i am not joking. Anyone willing to join me just send an mail to my account. I know that You are a true indian. So you will do it. Let’s rock. Let’s show who indian are.

  326. Sorry guys. Don’t think me bothering you. Its time for us to roar against black money. Lets make the black money keepers to bring their money here. If you are a true man join with me. Just send a mail to Please, join with me. I can’t do this alone.

  327. India is not poor country, these people has to be punished, it should be a lesson to all people like these 18 gr8’s. The basic needs of our life now becomes too costly, the govt says we dont have sufficient money to rule the country, how is it possible if these peoples do like this, not only 18peoples there are lot many peoples are there, each and everyone has to be identified and should be punished upto maximum, Govt should have to take severe action against them.

  328. we must change the constitutional law…….then only the correption will out

  329. we change the constitutional law……then only correption will out\

  330. abhi to 15 logo ka list aya hai ane wale samay me ho sakta hai 100 logo ki list Aye
    pure meta data + data sona, chandi,Hira in Kuntal with bank CODE .

  331. ye sonia ka chamcha hai pm

  332. god too cant save india…
    But v should save our INDIA…..4m corruption…

  333. youth and educated people should come 2 politics….
    this s the best way to get rid of corruption…..

  334. Thevidiya pasangala … Adhula een kaasu iruku da…

  335. en kasum athula irukku… money wats in it .. see those who die for food and shelter wats in it 2 hit their stomach childs heart better think if it happens 2 al tat fukin list guys… and its teir talent to earn tis much an offcourse its our talent to show tem wats hell ,….. so looong fukersss

  336. goverment cant take any steps on tem… bcoz tey are the goverment …. we cant do anyting tis our mother indias fate …all tat toxic politicians are worse tan the british government…. only one option is left rebel rebel rebel rebel revolution revolution revolution……if u support me il b ter for u always not lik f#k#n politicians swear on my heart… contac me >>>>9500406301<<<<

  337. we must take help of USA to bring black Money back to india

  338. where are the names Rajiv gandhi,kalmadi,lalu prasad yadav,sharad pawar…why you guys not showing the full list..Is thereany pressure????

  339. How do u knew so much about them & where do u find so much information……….

  340. agar india ka bahar rahega to india aage kaise badhega .or sab chiz ke rate to badhege plz ek advice blackmoney return india me ajaye to india me garibi khatam ho jayegi or sab chiz ke rate kaam hojayege.

  341. How we will fight against Black Mony and Who will take return money ?

    All the Responsible Government persorns are had account in Swiss What we Do as a ordinary Indian ???????????????????????????

  342. All Government Responsible persons had Swiss Account so What we can Do for this as a Ordinary Indian ????????????????????????

  343. i want 25 lakhs for establishing a school can u donate please contact me 8686636014

  344. i want 25 lakhs for establishing a school can u donate please contact me 8125476740

  345. is this list true..

  346. they should be killed at the spot with no mercy

  347. We’re thankful to Mr Assange and Wikileaks for putting up this list.Its such joyous and great to see all the people unite for a common cause and nail all these thieves and dacoits who have piled huge sums of money in their Swiss bank accounts.Anna Hazare -Baba Ramdev we’re with you.

  348. Indias black money is not only in swiss bank but also inside india.the government should recover this first

  349. wikileaks is doing a great job from now i will watch it daily

  350. Aap sav ka comment padke bahut acha laga. Kamse se kam hum log to jage hua hai.Agar
    av v desh ke baki log jage nahi to ye unki bahut bari bhul hai .Mujhe lagta hai sav logo ko avi uth khara hone ka waqt hai, Jago bharat ke logo av v kuch nahi bigra.


  352. i can’t understand the thing if government have proofs against ali hassan,raja and all crroupt peoples then why he is not taking any against them

  353. i am shocked with this data something is going wrong in government but the matter is that something or everything if i will will be the prime minister then i will hang all corrupters to death and decleared there property as government’s property

  354. Hay friends, i am really shocked by seeing this page over all 359 comments on this page. Its really hurting me a lot. Guys frankly saying if any one now making a software as i say then i am there to hack all the money from the County brutes who have taken over money.

    First of all we need to make a team. I have a very gud plan. Who ever is interested to do so plz reply me to mail ID so that we have a privet talk…

  355. Main socta tha angrejon ne bharat ko 200 sal loota. Lekin ab maloom hua ki hmare netaon ne to 60 salo main hi unse jyada loota.

  356. None of the politiians in this list. Seems as they are trying to hide behind these enterpreneaurs

  357. Indian yonug leader is efficient than aged leader, all black money in swiss bank of indian politics leader and politics related – idle people…
    Indian future is bright but when the all black money come in india.

  358. WOOOW , WHAT A GREAT JOB !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    AVAN MULAKKARAN DA … NAMA PAITHIYAKARAN DA…………………………. Because this is “” INDIA “”
    yarum padukalam” kodi” nanga eppothum “”therukodi””

  359. Concern persons please check and do the needful immediately.

  360. It will not come to end . we only want to put a full stop to these. i am waiting for youngsters to form a political party. vl anyone

  361. what is cbi doing in india ?
    cbi is in the hand of culpriates.

  362. CBI is in the hands of culprits

  363. “what is the place of y.s.jaganmohan reddy?”

  364. tanx for your information , wiki

  365. when will all black money will become white, i want to buy an i-pod from that ,i will talk about this to rajini kanth (super star ) sir,

  366. A suggestion for the black wealth stashed in india & outside india is to bring the money back to india in the better way that make the provisions of banks,organisations from private & public sectors, social welfare, charity, NGOs to participate in the campaigns of Anna hazzare…… this is the better time to support the economy of our india developing/ed india.
    This Human is a great Jewel He is a rough Diamond make it into a polished diamond & give clamps to prevent from falling down. There are more people like him some people dont want them to come up in front in the society due to various barriers & obstacles coming in infront of the normal person. My motto is ” Bring Healthy & wealthy society in front of the world”
    If Agreed Please comment “Accepted JAY”

  367. hiiiiiiiiiii

  368. bharat ki arthvyavastha sudhaarne k liye awaidh dhan ko bharat lana bahut zaruri hai . go anna go . we all indians are with you .

  369. Black money stops our country from development ,,,we must have a change to prevent the black money from our country….

  370. ab samay kaam karne ka hai kewal baat karne se kala dhan wapas nahi aayega…. sarkaar jaag jo warna jannta tumhe jagaayegi 2014 main……………………….

  371. i want rajiv gandhi black money in swis bank details.
    very very thanks for Mr. Julian ansage jee & Google family .

  372. Unfortunately, there are so many Pakistani politicians, businessmen, bureaucrats, and army generals etc. holding secret accounts in Swiss Banks. The top most crook is Asif Zardari president having Dollars Eight Billions in his and family’s name. This the money belongs to poor people of this country. Swiss government playing a key role in this criminal activity. It must be stop NOW and forever.

  373. every poor indian bloods are saved black many in swiss bank . pls give a sevioar punishment are pls watch tamil movie for citien

  374. palanal thiridan orunal agapaduvan


  376. Firstly thanks to wiki leaks, who said our India is poor country? there are crores of offal block money in Swiss banks all the money is only ours, the Indian future is under youth,
    only , we all are should come together as a single voice and bring a revolution against government to put a “janlockpall” bill in the parliament, give a full support to ANNAJI.

    in India poor people becoming poorest as well as rich persons becoming richest [especially political leaders]….

    Thank you all we will hope to see an incredible India in future….


  377. Where is 2nd short list of block money holders [bandy coots]?

    ANNAJI is fighting against corruption we must have to participate in this as an indian ple give your full support to ANNAJI……

    pls pls pls support our carer ………………………………

  378. govt herself plays in the hands of these millioners, what should we expect from govt

  379. thax….@assange n arvind sir… atleast for the gutts to come up with the list………..wat govt. has to do they will do …….but will be of no use !!!!!!!!

  380. we indian are reali very very fool ….we know this all polition are big beggar , and still we giving them vote ….!
    this very very sad ..thy encress all rates in india and making mony keeping indian mony out side of india ……yarrrrr i m telling trueth just BRITESH COME BACK AND RULE IN INDIA … at last they can make some more imporvmet also ….

  381. Incredible India!!!!!! never gonna change,,, wish I could do anything,,, yea , I can,,, but don’t know how

  382. greate india, the government is putting the barrow on the comman people and the rich people is the rich only,please return the black money to india,this is the request of the every indian.

  383. our government is always favour to rich people only because they are having the some % from the rich peoples black money. and our politicians also work like bitches who giving the money they supports them only. if they are back that black money our country will develop.
    good job wiki leaks. and u will release our political leaders list also. thank u.

  384. INDIA always developing country due to this correption

  385. OMG Save India and Govrnmt ill not take any action because our leaders only involved this and mail our choice is wrong (gov)

  386. ban the Swiss bank.

  387. Congress 50 saal se deemak ki tarah hamare khoon or hamari aattma ko choos ti aai hai.kya ham sab mil kar iska pest control nahi kar sakte.isko vote na de kar. Jay hind Jay bharat.

  388. Only People can stop this corruption, Being a part of Indian, I am ashamed that all the states have their own problem to fight. So when can we come as “Indian to fight” for this. Until unless to make group to struggle for our own family, it won’t be possible…..
    Just keep the GUN on their head, and there family too should shame for this.

    What I feel that “We have to link all the States in some how, so that we can fight for these culprits to bring our country money back to our home nation.


  389. I like the helpful information you provide in your articles.

    I will bookmark your blog and check again here regularly.

    I am quite sure I will learn plenty of new stuff right here!
    Best of luck for the next!

  390. this government system is a sham…..
    No one is ready to raid. as it is their money which is in those banks..
    The only solution ……………………………………………………………………………

  391. If this black money comes to india than the economic condition of this country again become strong. so, our government have to try to bring this money to india.

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