Sep 052011

"Grains Wheat Rotting in India"

Millions of quintals of grains rotting in various warehouses and godowns in India. 100 million Indians can be fed, if it is stored and distributed properly. But our leaders hardly find time for the country as they always remain busy in playing politics and saving their chairs.

According to the Global Hunger Index, India ranks 65th out of 88 countries, with a hunger rate of 23.9. Countries like Uganda (38th); Mauritania (40th); Zimbabwe (58th) and many others have a better record than India on this front.

Considered to be the second fastest growing economy in the World, India has failed to feed its own 300 million hungry people.

"Hungry Indians Kids"

Our PM always claims of high GDP growth and promises to make India super-power. That growth has no meaning if almost half of the country is sleeping hungry.No country can be called developed if it can’t feed it’s people.

Agriculture Minister Sharad Pawar has often been heard of asking for opinions about the ways to distribute properly. If you don’t know how to handle the rotting food of our country then why have you become the Agriculture Minister ?

India has also become a home to underweight children as 42 per cent of the undernourished children are from India. Low nutritional and health level of the generations to come should be an alarming call for us.

Even the monster will become merciful after reading these stats but our leaders would never.

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