Aug 272011

Popular World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) wrestler The Great Khali has showed his full support to Anna Hazare’s movement. His spokespersons told IANS, “Khali also dreams corruption free India everyday after Anna’s movement he has become more optimistic”.

"WWE Wrestler Khali with his girl friend and wife"

7 feet 3 inches tall wrestler, who weighs 190 kg , said, “Anna’s movement is in the interest of country and all parties must understand this”.

The wrestler said that he was “closely watching the developments in India through news channels” despite his hectic schedule.

Khali, who grew up in Dhirana village in Himachal Pradesh’s Sirmaur district, some 200 km from here, said he himself had been a victim of corruption during his days of struggle.

More and more famous people are coming forward to support Anna’s movement. Will the government ever listen to their voices ?

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  One Response to “WWE wrestler Khali supports Anna Hazare”

  1. Rs. 200,000 per debtor ?

    As per a report appearing in Economic Times ( 06 July, 2012 ), that approximately is the average amount of loan that some 49,00,000 debtors would not repay to India’s nationalized banks

    Exact figures are :

    ? Debtors ……………………… 49,24, 611

    ? Total default ……………..Rs. 100,155 Crores

    Although the report does not give out specific names of these defaulters , it is not too difficult to guess their “ categories “, viz:

    Benamis / Relatives of

    • Big businessmen

    • Senior secretaries

    • Polished politicians

    • Corrupting contractors etc

    You won’t find amongst these

    • Farmers waiting for distant cloud – drought – suicide

    • Housewives waiting for jobless husband’s salary packet

    You will find them praying for Anna Hazare and for the success of his crusade !

    With regards

    hemen parekh

    Jobs for All = Peace on Earth

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