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New Apple iPhone 5 has created buzz around the World. It has been the trendy topic on many social media websites. This is the comparison between iPhone 5 vs Galaxy S3 with complete specifications and features.

iphone spec comparison samsung galaxy s3 vs iphone 5 apple announcement sept 12

What it means: The Galaxy S3 is the iPhone 5?s biggest competitor and judging from its specs, Apple still might have reason to worry. Like many Android phones, the S3 has a screen bordering on 5 inches. To put that into perspective, Samsung’s screen is about the size of the entire iPhone 4S. It is also an entirely different kind of screen. The S3?s screen uses a technology called AMOLED, which displays vivid color and deep blacks. On the contrary, since the iPhone 5 has a LCD screen, it can display whites much better. It also has a slightly higher pixel density due to its smaller size. Samsung’s front-facing camera is nicer, but only marginally and both devices perform roughly evenly when it comes to battery life (we’re guessing). The S3 has an advantage when it comes to processing power and storage due to its 2GB of RAM and microSD slot, but we’d also wager that Apple’s new rear-facing camera will outperform Samsung’s to a noticeable degree, though both employ 8-megapixel technology. Which is the better bang for your buck? We encourage you to try both phones out, as they are both available on most wireless carriers.

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