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From Aliens to Zombies, video games developers have covered array of horror concepts. These are top 5 scariest games ever of all time so turn off the light and hide yourself in bed.

1) Siren: Blood Curse (2008)

PlayStation 3
In 2003, a Japanese survival horror title called Siren hit the PlayStation 2. The story centers around a number of protagonists scattered about an isolated little village in the mountains of Japan (automatically scary, right?). One night the town got disturbed and, in turn, a cult got pissed off and produced a bunch of fast, smart zombies. Siren: Blood Curse is a loose remake/update of that original title. Brought to the PlayStation 3 with improved graphics and an updated overall gameplay, this survival horror game blends tension, compelling storytelling and gruesome monster design. Oh, and this is also partly a stealth game — your arsenal is limited, so don’t expect to blow away all of your problems. And you will have a lot of problems.
Scariest Aspect: Sightjack. Hands down. It may not produce the most jumps, but nothing is creepier than watching a zombie annihilate you through its own eyes.

2) System Shock 2 (1999)

This is a game of subtle fear. System Shock 2 was released over a decade ago, but its influence remains a definite constant in the video game industry. In the then-unique, sci-fi RPG/FPS hybrid, you take the role of a soldier, code-named G65434-2, who is commissioned to escort a light-speed vessel on its test run. During the mission, the crew receives a distress beacon from a nearby planet and goes to investigate. This is where things start to go haywire. On the planet, the rescue team finds a bunch of strange eggs. So, like so many brilliant space explorers, they decide to take some samples back to the ship. Then people start acting very weird. A few months later, soldier G65434-2 wakes up from a cryogenic sleep, remembering nothing. From there, you discover a vibrant setting where you battle your way through alien-infested enemies — all crew members of your ship. And, as it turns out, you are being led by your former arch-nemesis (from System Shock), who is called SHODAN. Not only are you a lonely soldier battling mutated foes, you have to rely on someone who has screwed you around a bunch in the past.
Scariest Aspect: Discovery. When you wake from your cryo-chamber, you don’t know what the hell is going on, and you certainly don’t have the weapons to deal with those that oppose.

3)Doom 3 (2004)

PC, Xbox, Mac OS X
Sometimes, a reboot to an old franchise is awesome. In 2004, Activision released the much-anticipated, non-sequential sequel to 1994s Doom II. This new version was a total make-over to the seminal Doom franchise. Set in the future, a prototype teleport machine goes haywire and brings Hell to the small space-going community on the cold red dirt of Mars. As a nameless space marine, you have to battle demons in their quest to reach and destroy Earth. Simple enough, except that the demons are hideous, frightening, aggressive creatures that want only one thing: to jack you up as quick as possible. Brought to the latest-generation consoles, Doom 3 impressed not only in its ability to scare, but also its ability to make the gamer feel like a complete badass throughout the whole game.
Scariest Aspect: Seemingly desolate hallways with demons ready to leap. Sure, this type of scare gets very obvious and predictable about halfway through the game, I’ll give you that. But you can’t tell me you didn’t lose it the first dozen or so times you encountered this brilliant tactic.

4) Silent Hill 2 (2001)

Xbox, PlayStation 2, PC
There are only a few horror franchises that belong in the canon of great video game franchises, and Silent Hill is certainly one of them. Each time we venture back into this mysterious, trippy, horrifying locale, we find ourselves fascinated by the brilliant creation of the monsters and the creepy atmosphere. These things, coupled with a magnificent score and engaging plot, make the Silent Hill series a must-own for fans of the horror genre. And especially Silent Hill 2. None of the other entries in the series have been able to put together such a complete package. I guarantee when you play this game, you will see some stuff that you would never expect to see in a video game.
Scariest Aspects: There is a certain part of this game where you see Pyramid Head doing the dirty with a few corpses…that will never leave my mind. Ever.

5) Resident Evil (1996/2002)

Nintendo GameCube, Nintendo Wii, PC, PlayStation
No other franchise in horror game history has defined the genre like Resident Evil. With around a half-dozen widely acclaimed, highly innovative games to their name, Capcom has built something that will likely be around for a very long time. The first entry in the series, as well as the subsequent remake of it, is often praised as the scariest game of all time. This survival horror title defined the genre, and its influence rings very clearly even today in games like Dead Space and the newer entries in the Silent Hill series. But it isn’t only reputation that puts this game above the rest. It is the anus-tightening tension, the breathtaking fear that comes from traversing the old halls of the game’s abandoned mansion setting. As you battle those infected by the viruses produced by the Umbrella Corporation, the slow moving zombies become your worst nightmare and it seems, no matter how many bullets you have, there certainly aren’t enough to keep you safe.
Scariest Aspect: I’ll give you two. For the original, it was the infected dogs jumping through the windows in that long hallway. Scares the hell out of me every time. For the REmake, it was the modification of Lisa Trevor. She is one scary-ass chick.

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