Sep 172011

"Coffee Benefits"Yes, Coffee Drinking is now the good healthy food, say experts. Coffee, if taken two mugs a day, will be beneficial for us. Here I’m going to tell you why coffee drinking is good.

1) Lower Diabetes Risk: Coffee contains antioxidants that fight cell damage and lower Type 2 diabetes risk by 28 percent.

2) Good for Heart: Coffee cuts heart disease risk by 24 percent stroke by 20 percent.

3) Good for Drinkers: Drinkers 80 percent less likely to develop Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s dementia.

4) Good for Cancer Patients: It reduces colon cancer by 25 percent, liver cirrhosis by 80 percent, gallstone risk by 50 percent.

5) Lower Cavity Risk: Coffee really lowers the cavity risk and kills mouth bacteria by 40 percent.

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