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Who does not enjoy a cup of hot ginger tea? Side effects of ginger tea must "Side Effects of Ginger Tea"be taken into consideration if you are regularly enjoying ginger tea in large quantities.

One of the first precautions that you must take while taking ginger tea is that you need to have a timely and healthy amount of ginger tea according to the needs of your body. The drawback of most of the botanical medicines, especially in the form of herbs and roots is that there is a good possibility that these herbs react with medications.

Ginger tea reacts with medicines that are prescribed in order to cure bleeding. Medications like aspirin also react with large volumes of ginger tea.

In cases where ginger tea reacts with other medications, symptoms such as belching, nausea, heartburn and stomach upset are observed. The following are some of the case specificginger tea side effects that are commonly observed.

Side Effects of Over Consumption: The common phenomenon of ginger tea overdose has been observed in many cases. Ginger tea is to be consumed in limited quantities. The overdose of ginger tea affects the digestive system. Over consumption of ginger tea or consuming ginger tea in excess quantities affects the digestive system, causing a person to suffer from nausea, diarrhea and even heartburn. Over consumption may also lead to production of acids in the human body, leading to acidity.

Anesthesia and Ginger Tea: If a person has consumed ginger tea just before a surgery or has been drinking ginger tea for long, it can be a reason for certain complications in the surgery. Drugs administered for anesthesia are found to react withginger tea , leading to complications, such as hindrance in healing of wounds or photosensitive reactions and bleeding as a result of interaction with anticoagulants.

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