May 212013

The human brain is said to be the most advanced and capable machine. It is said that brain is most important part of the body. It just depends on the person how he use it. But the regular exercise is very important for brain. Do you Know that brain power can increase if is being used daily?  Here are five tips to increase brain power which can help anyone if used properly. It is as follows:-

1. Solve Puzzles- The first tip is to Solve Puzzles. Solving the puzzles like Sudoku, Cross words sets the brain cells in action. One tends to use its brain towards it and hence ends up increasing his brain power.

2. Consume Almonds- The second tip is to consume almonds everyday. Consuming the almonds with milk is more effective. So, almonds are good for health as well as brain.

3. Do Meditation- The third tip is to do the Meditation. Meditation is easier said than done.  But if you could include it in your daily routine and practice it diligently, it will create fruitful results for you. The brain will work more faster.

4. Imagine- The fourth tip is to Imagine aka Daydreaming. Imagining good things and positive situations will have a long lasting effect on the brain. So, one should definitely imagine when gets time for the good result.

5. Laughter is the Best Medicine- The fifth and the last tip is the laughter. Laughing is the only thing which don’t have any side effects but have many advantages. It improves the health, anger,nature so on. It also has a huge impact on the Brain.  It releases endorphins and other positive chemical into your bloodstream. Try laughing as a feel-good habit. It stimulates both sides of the brain which can also enhance learning. Instead of worrying your problems, try to laugh at your problems for a stress-free and healthy lifestyle. So the laughing is very good for the Brain.

So these were the tips to increase the Brain Power. Try to use it and have a great life.

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