May 062014

Teens who drink sports and energy drinks may be more likely to also engage in other unhealthy behaviors, such as smoking, drinking soda and playing video games for many hours, a new study finds.

Researchers surveyed about 2,800 teens in middle and high schools in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area, and asked them about how often they drank sport and energy drinks, as well as other behaviors.

About 38 percent said they consumed sports drinks at least once a week, and 15 percent said they consumed energy drinks at least once a week.

On average, teens who consumed sports and energy drinks at least once a week played more hours of video games, drank more servings of sugar-sweetened beverages and were more likely to have ever smoked cigarettes, compared to those who consumed sports and energy drinks less than once a week.

Contributed By Sonia Narula

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