Nov 152011

The lead auditor of the 2G telecom audit today stuck to his stand that the loss due to spectrum allocation was Rs 2645 crore and he had signed the final report on the alleged scam on the direction of his superiors.

Appearing before the Joint Parliamentary Committee(JPC) going into the 2G issue, Rp Singh, the then Director General, Audit, said quantification of loss was not part of the objectives of the CAG audit and the final figure of Rs 1.76 lakh crore was at best a “mathematical guess”.

According to JPC Chairman PC Chacko, the former CAG official maintained that loss due to allocation of 2G spectrum could not be calculated as auction was neither recommended by TRAI nor contemplated by the government.

Sources said during the meeting, Jaswant Singh (BJP) asked former CAG official whether he signed the report and stood by it.

Singh replied that he had signed the report but was not responsible for the inputs provided by other auditors who had taken into account views of the Finance Ministry and the Corporate Affairs Ministry.

It is learnt that Yashwant Sinha (BJP) showed the former CAG official communication exchanged between him and Finance secretary on the 2G issue.

It is really a big shame for India.

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