Sep 042011

Many internet users face problems while finding plugins for their multi-authors blog. As in my case, I had to spend many days for finding the suitable WordPress plugins. Now, I don’t want others to face similar problem, so I’m sharing my 5 favorite and best plugins only for you:

Adminimize: Adminimize provides you a power to choose your dashboard options according to your user roles. It’s one of the best. Now, you can hide anything you like from your authors.

"Best WordPress Plugin"

Register Plus Redux: Register Plus solves your registration related problems. If your users want to register then it gives them cool and simple way to register. You can also configure it easily within few seconds.

"Register Plus Redux"

Fast Secure Contact Form: FS Contact Form is a wonderful WordPress plugin which allows your users contact you easily. It includes Captcha and Akismet support. So say bye-bye to spammers.

"Contact Us"

User Role Editor: If you are using multi-authors blog then it is very important to give your users role. User Role Editor plugin does it for you. Just specify a role for them and set with a single click; who can submit, edit or delete posts.

"Wordpress Users"

Level2Categories: If you wanna deny some special categories to your users then Level2Categories does that job easily for you. You can assign your categories according to the users role.

"Wordpress Categories"

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