Sep 012011

Want to know some computer tips and tricks eagerly if you are using Windows. Don’t worry now as I’ve written some important stuff for you. Just enjoy:


How to Get the Sidebar to the front in Windows Vista: A sidebar which is configured for the background and one which is hidden can be brought back to the foreground in Vista easily with [Windows] + [Space].


How to Operate the Calculator: Pressing [P] on the keyboard gives you the value of PI. You can calculate the square root of a number with [@] and the square of the entered number with [*] + [Enter].


How to Close Several Applications in One Step: For closing several applications in Windows XP, Vista or 7 using just one step, keep the [Ctrl] key pressed when you select the icon buttons of the programs to be closed in succession in the taskbar. Then leave [Ctrl] and right-click the last select pushbutton. Select ‘Close group’ in the context menu. Windows now closes all the selected applications at once automatically.


How to Open Internet Explorer in Full Screen Mode: It’s easy to open Internet Explorer in full screen mode by default, just right-click on the IE shortcut and select properties. Here, add ‘-k’ as a suffix in the ‘Target’ command line (without quotes).


How to Minimize the Ribbon Bar in Office 2007: To minimize the ribbon bar in Office 2007, either press [Ctrl]+[F1] or double click on the currently active menu tab.

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