Sep 022011

Using Windows or Internet and having some problems about knowing some quick tech tips to make work easier. Don’t worry! I’ve written something for you:

How to Check the System Performance: If you wanna know about the detailed performance of your system then press the key combination Ctrl + Alt + Del on your keyboard in Vista and Windows 7, click the ‘task manager’ button now and open the ‘performance’ tab to see detailed information.

How to Surf Without Leaving Traces Behind: Switch on to Firefox, push Ctrl + Shift + P, the browser prompts the user for switching to Private Browsing mode if you don’t wish to leave any traces of your surfing activity.

How to See Several Displays at One time: As I’m using Windows 7 these days so I know it’s possible but I’ve never tried on XP. For seeing several displays, move a centrally placed active window with Windows + Shift + Right/left arrow on Windows 7 system which have more than one display.

If You are Fed-Up with Computer Updates: You don’t wish to see more updates from your Windows then just go to Start > Control Panel > Automatic Updates > Click on ‘ Turn off Automatic Updates”.

How to Accelerate the Start Menu: Windows XP opens the start menu faster if ‘MenuShowDelay’ option in the Registry which is under ‘HKEY_Current_USER\Control Panel\Desktop’ is set on ‘O’.

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