Sep 032011

Recently, Steve Jobs launched Apple’s iPad 2 throwing the rumors of his illness. People, present in the hall, were so curious to know about Steve Jobs as well as next generation iPad 2. Though, all of us know about the great Steve Jobs, but only few know about the hottest gadget in the market. Here are 5 interesting facts about it:

"Next Generation Apple iPad 2"

iPad 2 has A5 Processor: iPad 2 runs on A5 processor which will double the display and graphic speed by 9 times. Huge boost in speed given to new iPad, I must say.

It’s even thinner than the iPhone: iPad 2 is a lot thinner than the current iPad (one third), even thinner than the iPhone 4. OMG! It looks so beautiful.

"Thinnest Apple Gadget iPad"

Two Cameras at Back and Front for Video Conferencing: There are two cameras on iPad at back and front. These tiny cameras are so powerful, and give you amazing video talk. Now, you can see all the face expressions LIVE through it.

It has 65,000 Apps for photography only: Steve Jobs said, iPad had 65,000 Apps for photography only whereas Google Android’s Honeycomb had only 100 apps to show.

Its 9.7 inches display has LED-backlit: iPad has amazing screen resolution, and it has LED backlights to give you crystal clear and brighter resolution than ever before.

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