Sep 042011

We all know about Google, Yahoo and Bing. There is no doubt that these are great search engines. But, only few people know that there are many more engines for different categories. See this top 5 list:

Multi-Purpose Search Engines: Google, Yahoo! Search, Bing, AltaVista, Search, AOLTorrentz, IceRocket, Technorati, Sphere, Lycos, Cuil, Kosmix

For Searching Books & Industries:, Google Book Search, Hoovers, ThomasNet, Kompass, Lexis Nexis

To Search Better Jobs: Bixee,,, Career Builder

Looking for Maps: Google Maps, Geoportail, Mapquest (AOL), Windows Live Maps, Yahoo Maps

Medical Aids & Multimedia: Entrez, Healia, SearchMedica, WebMD. For all your Multimedia needs: YouTube, Find Sounds, Meta Cafe, Pods cope, Picsearch, AOL Video, Dailymotion, TVEyes

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