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Apple is one of the fastest growing companies in the World. Its products just create sensation whenever launched. People around the World are crazy for iPhone, iPad, iPod, MacBook and other Apple products. After a long thought, I’ve got 5 reasons why people are so crazy for Apple and how its products become huge hit as launched.

Steve Jobs: Apple’s CEO and founder “Steve Jobs” is as important for Apple as Wikileaks revelation for the rest of World. The life of Steve Jobs has always been full of struggle and in the news as well. Every single thing about him spreads like epidemic. He and his amazing presentations are most important thing for Apple.

"Amazing and Great Steve Jobs of Apple"

No one can Compete with Apple’s Marketing: The best weapon after Steve Jobs is “Marketing” which Apple have. Their marketing is simply superb. The Apple’s way of presenting products is awesome. People are made to think that this is best thing in the market. And, Steve Jobs is most responsible for this. If you have ever heard his presentation carefully, you will definitely be agree with me. Steve just makes you wanna buy everything from Apple.

"Steve Jobs Presenting MacBook Air"

Its Gadgets have Coolest looks: Apple products are trendy and having very cool looks. How can we forget the very thin and stylish MacBook, beautiful iPad, amazing black iPhone and modern desktop PCs ?

"Beautiful Apple Products"

Revolutionary Gadgets: Whether it’s iPod, iPhone, iPad,  MacBook, Keyboard, Mouse or Desktop PCs Apple have always brought revolutionary and dazzling products in the market with new and unique technology. Its engineers have given us many innovative gadgets.

"Beautiful and Innovative Apple MacBook Case"

Its Applications keep you Engaged all the time: Apple are having largest 350,000 apps. in store for iPhone. iPad also has 65,000 apps. in the store. And, these applications keep you busy all the time with Apple products. You also get tons of new things through these.

"Apple iPhone Applications"

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