Sep 042011

WordPress and Drupal are very popular CMS sites, specially used as free blogging platforms. Though the release of Drupal 7 is making news with its unique features and speed, but I still would like to say the WordPress 3.0.4 is the best with these 5 reasons:

WordPress creates far less tables than Drupal: The more tables your sites have, the more heavier it would be ! WordPress sites are generally lighter and faster than Drupal sites because of tables. And, you just can’t do anything in that case.

Drupal doesn’t get updated automatically: In Drupal, you have to run Cron manually every time you submit any new thing. You also don’t get automatic updates about new versions without running cron, but WordPress gives you all the updates automatically as you enter in its dashboard.

Uploading or Downloading something is very easy in Word

press: This the great feature of WordPress. You can download your themes, plugins etc. from your site’s dashboard without using FTP or CPanel. It gets updated within seconds.

WordPress has many more plugins than Drupal modules: We get thousands and thousands of plugins in WordPress, and with this, you get lot of options to configure your site according to your requirement.

WordPress provides you better SEO: With the plugins like Yoast and All in One SEO pack, WordPress provides you huge SEO advantage for better rankings in search engines. The head of Google’s Webspam team ‘Matt Cutts’ also praised WordPress as a best blogging platform.

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  3 Responses to “5 Reasons Why WordPress is faster than Drupal”

  1. I didnt know WP was faster!! 🙂
    thanks for the tip…
    Can you suggest some sites for amazing WordPress themes?

  2. What about the caching options on Drupal, you can cache each part individually, and even embed a query into a template…can’t do that with WordPress.

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