Sep 032011

Are you frustrated over your Computer restarting again and again ? Don’t Worry! There are some easy ways to check your PC for a troubleshooting. Here, I tell you 5 amongst them:

"Computer Restarting Again and Again"Corrupt Window: If your operating system has been corrupt then it would most probably make your PC restart continuously. So, always shut down your PC properly, use Anti-Virus, scan PC regularly to prevent Windows being corrupt. Solution: Reload your Windows.

Virus: These days, Viruses are too dangerous and they can enter into your PC through internet, USB device, Games etc. I would recommend you always have Anti-Virus in the system. Solution: Start deep scan for checking Virus.

RAM: It has also been often seen that faulty RAMs can make your PC restart. So, do check your RAM properly. Solution: Just change the RAM and check again.

Mother Board: Your Mother Boards can also cause this problem. But, you can’t check yourself if you are not Computer Engineer. So, it’s better to call a good Engineer for this issue.

S.M.P.S.: Your Switch Mode Power Supply may also create restarting problem. Solution: If you are having more than one PC then change S.M.P.S. and check again.

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