Oct 032011

Are you fed up with your old PC ? Do you really wanna increase the performance of your ailing PC? Read these informative 5 tips which may give your PC a boost:

Tip 1# Whatever Windows desktop OS you use, make sure you either manually defragment or set the machine up to automatically defragment, because when machines get too fragmented, they suffer serious performance degradation. Usually, the built-in Windows defrag tool works fine. If you are looking for something a little better, try Defraggler. It can work on a whole disk or just a part of one.

Tip 2# Check your hard disk, if it’s running slowly then it is the time to clean it up the mess. Use CCleaner, it quickly clears out all temp files for you.

Tip 3# Once that’s done, it’s time to attack the obvious locations: Recycle Bin, Pictures, Music, Videos. Once you have cleared those out, you can remove old Restore Points and Shadow copies (from System Restore) and installed programs from your Downloads directory. Use CCleaner for that again. The first time through, it won’t catch all the errors. It usually takes about three times before all errors are removed. Once you’ve removed those errors, you might want to reboot to ensure the process is complete (and the machine is back to speed).

Tip 4# If you are using a Windows operating system you BETTER have anti-malware on board or your machine is sure to get bogged down in the muck and mire of spyware. I tend to lean toward Malwarebytes for this. But don’t just use the free version. It’s good, but it doesn’t include any sort of scheduler.

Tip 5# For checking the DISK errors; The command I generally use is chkdsk X: /f /r (Where X is the drive letter you want to check). The f switch tells the command to automatically fix errors and the r switch locates bad sectors and recovers readable data.

Nothing is granted, but these tips may help for speeding up your old PC. Do let me know, if you have more ideas.

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