Nov 012011

Justin Bieber, the sensation who’s making the girls scream over his sweet smile and even sweeter smile, is swiftly becoming pop’s new leading man. He is the super cute Canadian pop/R&B singer, who has stolen the hearts of every young girl on the globe. But despite his tender age, there is more to Justin Bieber. Here are the five things you didn’t know about the teen dream.

"Hot and Sexy Pop Singer Hot Justin Bieber"

1. The teen dream has fear of escalators(he is claustrophobic).

2. Everybody knows Justin is multitalented, moreover he taught himself how to play the Trumpet, Guitar, Piano and Drums.

3. Justin Bieber’s hair was sold on eBay for $40,000.

4. He can solve a rubix cube in under a minute.

5. He doesn’t like chocolate at all but he wouldn’t refuse Twix.


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  1. nice 1 ……great work and keep it up ………..:)

  2. thanx buddy..

  3. 6. he is gay

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