Oct 112011

Earning money through Adsense is not that difficult, but your content must be good and relevant to get more and more clicks. Here are 5 steps to increase your earnings:

Step 1: To get more clicks and increase Google AdSense, read through the information Google offers about how to increase your AdSense earnings, at this link:

https://www.google.com/adsense/support/bin/topic.py?topic=8443. I would follow their advice since they know what websites are getting the most clicks.

Step 2: If you are creating an ad unit (Google AdSense ad), the 336 x 280 large rectangle is the statistically the biggest money maker. The palette choice that Google has generically selected is called the “MoneyMakerPalette.” This palette is also proven to be the biggest money making color combination. Although some sites with different color schemes may not find this scheme to be best for them.

Step 3: Ultimately, you will have to do some testing to see which color combinations and placement work best for you, although there are proven colors and formats which typically yield to most money.

Step 4: To get more clicks and increase Google AdSense, let people know about other sections of the web page. If you have pictures in the left side bar or more article links in the right side bar, which are located next to Google AdSense ads, let visitors know to look at the pictures. This can help steer your visitors towards the ads. Be careful though, you are not allowed to tell visitors about your ads, where they are, or to click on them.

Step 5: Put the ads in the content. Have the text wrap around the ad instead of placing the ads out of the way where no one will see them.

Tips: To get more clicks and increase Google AdSense, make sure the ads are relevant to your content. If they are not, then you need to use more relevant keywords in your content.

Warnings: Never click your own ads and tell people to click your ads, or discuss your AdSense ads with anyone. That is how you get banned from using Google AdSense. Google has very advanced softwares which can catch faulty clickers easily and immediately ban their adsense account.

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