Sep 172011

It is possible to repair scratched glass with some simple products that are easily available at home. Let us have a look at these 5 ways:

We know that nail paints are for decorating your nails, but they can also be great to repair scratches on glass. For this purpose you must use a colorless nail paint. Apply a thin coat of nail paint on the scratch and set it to dry. The excess nail paint can be cleaned with a cloth. You can also use a nail paint remover for cleaning the excess nail paint after it has dried.

Metal polishers like Brasso are also effective in repairing scratches from glass. Put a few drops of Brasso cleaner on a cloth and polish the glass surface with it. Repeat the process a couple of times. Brasso helps in repairingthe scratch on glass by reducing its prominence.

Toothpaste can also help in the repair of scratched glass. But you must make sure to use the non-gel type. Cover the scratch with a coat of toothpaste and set it to dry. Once it hardens, clean it with a cloth. This should help remove the scratch. This will be helpful in repairing scratched glass of a table top or window.

Jeweler’s rouge can also be used to repair scratches from glass. Apply some jeweler’s rouge on a cloth and buff the scratch. Although jeweler’s rouge is expensive, it can help in repairing scratches on glass.

If the scratch in the glass is deep and you aren’t sure of how to repair scratched glass, then it’s better to seek professional help. Sometimes the scratches are beyond repair and the only way out is to replace the glass.

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