Sep 012011

Here are some elements.. I hope they help you to develop a better relationship.

They are my personal experiences..

1.Honesty – Can both of you be truthful ?

Can you be yourselves ?

A good relationship cannot be built on lies.

For example, are you being you or just putting up a front to make someone else like you ? If you can’t be honest with yourself, you can’t be honest with the other person in the relationship.


2.Support – Do you support and praise each other ?

Remember, support doesn’t necessarily mean you have to agree all the time. In   fact, true support means letting each other know how you honestly feel, as long as your honesty doesn’t cause the other person unnecessary pain.


3.Understanding – Do you show that you are listening and trying to understand each other’s

feelings ?

It’s important to never dismiss someone’s feelings as silly or



4.Trust – Relationships do not work when either person cannot be trusted — when he or

she breaks promises or doesn’t stick to an agreement.

5.Respect – Beyond respect for each other, it’s important that you each respect the important

people in each other’s lives. That means behaving politely.



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