Oct 302012

Increasing popularity of Facebook day by day has encouraged the company to open the office in India finally. Since Facebook generates huge revenue from India, so it was very difficult to ignore such big market. India’s office of Facebook is gonna be 4th support center of the no.1 social networking site after Palo Alto in California, Dublin in Ireland, the third support center will be built at Austin in Texas.

Here are the exclusive pics from Facebook’s Hyderabad office:

"Facebooks's Hyderabad Office in India"

The Hyderabad office, like others, will house online advertising and developer support teams. It is expected to provide a round-the-clock multi-lingual support to its ever-growing user base.

"Facebook's Hyderabad Office in India"

The Conference room as displayed looks a royal and classic structure. The naming convention is little queer with nouns like Chacha Choudhry, Suppandi With the desire to have healthy and happy staff, Facebook has given alternative to employees to work either in a sitting posture or standing.

"Facebook's Hyderbad Office in India"

Facebook office also houses a gaming place. This may be with an intention to relieve the employees’ mental pressure while working continuously for hours and hours. This is an innovative trend in Indian offices.


"Facebook's Hyderabad Office, India"

Facebook’s physical wall has been built over here. This is open invitation to employee to give their ideas.

"Facebook India's Office, Hyderabad"

The giant construction does not include individual closed office or a cubicle for working separately. It is as good as a fun place than a work premises.

"Facebook Office in India, Hyderabad"

The canteen also does not possess a closed room and not even chairs. It looks as if a food shelves have been decorated in a country theme restaurant.

"Facebook's India Office in Hyderabad, South"

The antique wooden door reminds of something like a palace and its entrance. It looks gorgeous.

Information and Pics Source: http://99fab.com/

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