Jan 282012

WOW ! This is a great pic which I found on Imgur.com. You can see the flying snipers of Indian Army clearly.

"Indian Army Flying Snipers"

Pic Courtesy: Imgur.com

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  4 Responses to “Flying Snipers of Indian Army……….It’s Amazing !”

  1. the best indin army i have ilke to army

  2. jay bharat
    jay javan

  3. its one of the worst thing ever done by a sniper, they r trained to stay low,and concealed,
    as much as can, not to show stunts, like this, or they will be easy pray of enemy snipers. stop praising wrong things. i also like my armed forces, much u do. but can’t accept the

    jai hind

  4. when takeoff, it raises a small cloud of dust! cant compromise!!

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