Nov 162011

For the first time in many years, fewer Indian students are going to the US for higher studies, while number of Chinese students has jumped. But also for the first time, The number of US students in India has jumped by over 44%.

According to the Open Doors annual survey by US International Institute of Education(IIE), students from India decreased by 1% to a total of 104,000. “Yet, India as a destination for US students study abroad, increased 44.4%,” said the survey.

The spike in Chinese students in the US, the survey said, is largely responsible for the country registering a 5% growth in the international students in its colleges and universities during the 2010-11 academic session.

Interestingly, India has jumped to 14th place as a destination for US students going overseas. At 3884, US students in India has climbed by 44% moving India up from the 21st spot the year before.

Seriously, it is the matter of feeling proud for all the Indians. And of course, it is clearly indicating that Education system in India is improving day by day.

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