Sep 012011

1)      The 1st and the most important thing to clear an interview is to BE CONFIDENT. You tend to make fewer mistakes when you are confident about what you are saying. Even if you have said something wrong accidently, DO NOT change your opinion rather be confident about what you have said or done. This creates an impression in the mind of the interviewer that the person is capable enough to act smartly in different situations.

2)      Now, the interviewer can ask you any kind of question. I was asked “what would I do for myself if I am given magical powers for a day”. Does this make any sense? I am not going for an interview to “Hogwarts” a magical university in the movie Harry Potter. So, the catch here is that the HR person will Grill you if, YOU DO NOT take the first step in Grilling him/her. Yes, make your introduction as long as you can, elaborating your Education and Experience. The HR will fall short of questions. Try it!

3)      Speak as much as you can, make a vicious circle of topics so that the HR cannot escape it. For an example, if you are asked to speak on travelling, say 2 lines about travelling and route the topic to your favourite city and end it again saying something about traveling :) . This way you will not fall shorts of words IF, you know about the city.

4)      “Little Information is DANGEROUS” Either have Complete Information or No Information. If, you know a little about something, don’t speak about it, there is a possibility that the interviewer has a better knowledge of it.

5)      Lastly but not the least, Be Professional, Be in Formals and Have a Smile, the interviewer is not gonna eat YOU. Cheers :)

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  1. Thanks for the tips. 🙂

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