Sep 022011

You need to be cautious these days while surfing internet as spam and malicious are on rise. Here, I’m goon tell you how to stay safe with these 5 tips:

"Protect Your PC from Internet Attacks"

1) Whenever you are online, never open any suspicious link even if it has been sent by your known ones. Useless and unknown emails should also be ignored.

2) Don’t share your personal information with unknown people or it might be harmful for you in the future. Be more careful about your photograph as it can be used anywhere.

3) Never forget to disconnect internet connection if you are not using it. Hackers can target your PC easily if you are not disconnecting net.

4) Download only certified applications and if you are downloading any file from the net do check it through your anti-virus first.

5) Check your browser security with a test here. It will let you know which browser has better protection.

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