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Summers are at our door step and many of the people around thinking to get back to their ACs for cool air. To make AC run longer, we need to service it every year before using.

Now, servicing your air conditioner at home is very easy job. You just need to be bit cautious. Follow these simple steps to service your AC at home:

Remove the Front Grill: Remove the front grill or window of your AC yourself and pull out your AC from its grill. ACs are heavy, so you need atleast two people to lift this. Its very easy to pull it out, because every AC has a spot from where you can pull easily. Don’t forget to take off its wires.

"O General Air Conditioner"

Wash its Front Grill and Air Filter First: After pulling out your AC, you can carry it to suitable place where you can wash its parts properly. So, use the detergent and wash its front grill and air filter which is inside the grill properly.

"Front Window of O General AC"

Cover its Front Circuit and the Motor Inside: Now, it’s the time to clean up and wash your whole AC. But, you need to cover up its motor and front circuit to prevent getting wet.

"Front Circuit O General Air Conditioner"

"O General AC Motor"

Clean its Cooling Coil and Back Condenser with brush: You need to clean its cooling coil and back condenser with a brush. Do not forget to pour water onto these with a pressure pipe to clean thoroughly.

"Cooling Coil O General"

"O General's Back Condenser"

Don’t Forget to Wash Ac’s Bottom Surface: After cleaning all the things now it’s time to clean the surface of your AC completely. After cleaning it, you can cover up your AC with its front grill and fit back at the same spot. Also clean it with a clean cotton cloth and switch it on after 1-2 hrs. Let the water into it dry up first.

"O General AC Surface"

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