Nov 192011

Rani Lakshmi Bai, the Queen of Jhansi, a small Maratha principality in Bundalkhand in India can best be described as a reluctant rebel. Drawn into circumstances for which she had absolutely no training to handle, she fought valiantly to save her honour and the honour of Jhansi.

She was one of our greatest patriots and heroic role models for future generations of women.

Her marriage to Gangadhar Rao was short-lived leaving the administration of Jhansi to Lakshmi Bai. As Rani Lakshmi Bai was totally inexperienced to handle the affairs of the State, the British took advantage of this opportune moment and annexed Jhansi under the pretext that it would do good to the State and its people.

The mutiny of 1857 triggered off a phenomenal racial passion in India. Riots were rampant in Jhansi . There was also widespread massacre of British authorities by the rebels. At this point, Rani Lakshmi Bai’s chose to preserve her honour and fight along with the rebels against the British. She fought against the British insurgence and died fighting valiantly. ¬†Read more about her through this infographic:

"Original Pic of Jhansi Ki Rani"

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  1. She is a symbol of Bravery, valour and Patriotism.Zhansi Rani will continue to inspire future generations.

  2. And the India was busy celebrating Indira Gandhi’s birthday.

  3. Informative and educative informations about Jhansi Rani, a few more facts could enhance her bravery and valour.

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