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47 years old “Stone Cold Steve Austin” is one of the most popular wrestlers in WWE history. He has many winning titles under his name. No one can deny the fact that Stone Cold has played a major role in making WWE famous all around the world. Here, I’ve written some interesting things and facts about this awesome Wrestler:

Steve Austin had two names before: Austin originally born as “Steve James Anderson” then because of the second marriage of his father he was known as “Steven Williams”. As he entered into WWE, he became “Stone Cold Steve Austin”.

"Steve Austin Stone Cold Pointing Gun at WWE Chairman Vince Macmahon"

How Steve Austin Got His Name “Stone Cold”: Mick Foley once said in the episode “Legends of Wrestling”, the creative team wanted to give Austin a “cold” gimmick, such as Ice Dagger. He proposed making his character “cold” emotionally, as opposed to phyiscially associated with low temperatures, and proposed the name “Stone Cold”.

"Stone Cold Steve Austin Stuns John Cena"

Austin 3:16 is the Highest Selling T-Shirt: Steve Austin got huge popularity after winning1996 King of the Ring Tournament. And, Austin 3:16 became the highest selling T-shirt in WWE history. Austin is also known as the greatest talker in the history of professional wrestling.

"WWE Star Steve Austin Stone Cold 3:16 T-Shirt"

Steve Austin’s Favorite Beer: In most of the WWE events, he has drunk “Budweiser” beer. Austin started drinking beer at 14 in his school life. In Manitoba Canada, one beer company introduced a beer named “Stone Cold”.

"Stone Cold Steve Austin Having Beer"

Steve Austin’s Body Measurements: I heard interview of a wrestler few days ago and he revealed the body measurements of Austin. He probably has 19 inches biceps and 50 inches chest. His height is 6?2.

"WWE Star Stone Cold Steve Austin Body"

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