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Recently, I visited at my friend’s shop who is an AC engineer. And, he gave me some crucial advice related to Air Conditioners which you can also follow for checking and repairing your cooling machines.

It is seen that people often rush to mechanics for minor faults related to Air Conditioners though these can be checked by you at home easily. Now, I’m gonna tell you some tips and ways to know and repair your Window ACs easily.

Check Whether You Air Conditioner’s Gas has leaked

"Cooling Coil of Your Air Conditioner"
Remove the front window of your AC with a hook either on a left or right side and check its cooling coil. If you are seeing the frozen ice on or around it then most probably your AC’s gas has leaked. You won’t be able to refill your gas if you are not an AC engineer so in this case, you should call mechanic.

If Back Condenser heats up it can make your AC’s compressor trip

"Air Conditioner Back Condenser"
If your AC has started tripping in between running time then you can also check its back condenser. And, if it’s too hot then switch your AC off and pour some mugs of water onto it. This is a common problem which mostly occurs in countries where temperature remains high.

Check Your Air Filter

"Air Filter of Your Air Conditioner"
If your air filter is dirty then it will reduce the effect of air which your AC releases. To check it; just open the front window and see whether it’s dirty or not. If it is…then wash it with water.

Use Voltage Tester to Check Current and Power Supply

"Check and Test Voltage and Current with Voltage Tester"
Never forget to check the voltage and the current supply by switching your Voltage Tester with Power Point. If the current is being supplied then check voltage and it should always be between 200-240 VAC.

If Your AC not turning off automatically

"Air Conditioner Thermostat Ballow"
If you have set the time in the remote for turning off AC automatically and it’s not happening then it’s better to check “Thermostat Ballo”. It is the small wire which is before your cooling coil (as you can see in the above pic). While servicing your AC, mechanics often forget to place it where it should be. So, check it by removing the front window and if it is not at its place then place it. You will see small thing before cooling point where you can fix your wire. If your AC is not cooling then try to rub this wire with hands, and check the cooling.

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