Nov 112011

Is this the real Mahatma Gandhi dancing with foreigner ? Well, I don’t know about that but it’s quite interesting.

The image is morphed or real, I can’t say.

"Mahatma Dancing with the Foreigner in the rare and unseen pic of him"

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  7 Responses to “Is this the real Mahatma Gandhi dancing with the foreigner ?”

  1. T people who knows real Indian History hates gandhi… He is one among the freedom fighter and we should’t call him as a father of our nation

  2. Your mother should be a real social worker in calcutta @vincent

  3. it is not mahathmaji.. its an african man who dressed like mahathmaji for a show..

  4. If you happened to see a picture of legendary Indian Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, better known as Mahatma Gandhi, merrily dancing away with a white girl at a party while still in his dhoties, take heart – it is not him! Take a closer look, and you will see that the image is real, but the Gandhi in it is fake. Apparently it is an Australian actor posing as Gandhi who is shaking a leg with the lady. The two were captured at a charity gala in Sydney,

  5. I don’t know it is or isn’t M.K Gandhi…. But why some one selected his (Gandhiji’s) photo ? he could have done it with other guys …….. most probably there was something wrong behind him……..

  6. 4get the past liv in present , n dnt mak noise of dat think wic distract our future, every 1 hav protocol according 2 situation.

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