May 262012

‘Chandragupta Maurya’ became the only historical serial to have the support of more than 1 lakh people. CGM fans really got disappointed on the day when NDTV decided to shut down its operations, and since that day CGM fans have been trying hard for the serial to be aired again.

Earlier, it was being said through some sources that Sony TV is gonna buy CGM’s copyrights but it is still not clear. But, the fans are trying hard for CGM, moreover they have started mailing and calling to various channels to show their support for CGM.

Facebook is full of CGM supporters these days and its fans have even made page on FB named ‘Save Chandragupta Maurya’.

Many fans have even planned for candle march and other ways of protest for CGM.

It has never happened in Indian history before that people are trying so hard for one serial to be aired again. It clearly shows that many Indians have still not forgotten the contribution of ‘Chanakya’ and ‘Chandragupta Maurya’ for India.

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  50 Responses to “More than 1 lakh people supporting CGM and waiting eagerly for it to be aired again”

  1. We love the show and want it back asap

  2. Really da fantastic show ever cn in ma lyf. Wanna get it back, der ez no any enjoyment while watching t v without et, it gives da real taste of lyf. N no 1 can dissapoint ets supporters by making et off- air, we will get et wid our entire effort despite we hav 2 struggle a lot……..

  3. i want to see continous cgm & support

  4. plz we really miss our favourite tv programme CGM……we really want it back

  5. i am also waiting patiently . Like all the other fans for cgm to start as soon as possible on sony entertaintment television

  6. please,aired again CGM………..
    You must start again this show for the respect of INDIAN HISTORY.

  7. Please come back cgm, this serial is need of the present generation.

  8. plz come back aacharya chanakya and chandragupt maurya…………

    we miss u…………

  9. Chandragupt maurya mera pasandida serial hai. Isse hme gyan prapt hota hai. Ise dobara prasarit kiya jai.

  10. we want it..ppl kip on showin Tear-Jerker saans-bahu serials 4 decades,jst 4 profit n business..but No1 seems 2 care abt d Contributns of d Tru Indian Heroes n of Our Roots s wel..!!!!!!!!!!dis realy makes us feel Hapless!!!!!!!!!

  11. i hava want again show this serial!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Please “cgm” come back…

  13. i m waiting for this serial very eagerly. i want this serial any how.

  14. Jai Maa bharati!!! missing my CGM show!!!

  15. ChandraGupta Maurya Serial is required to be telecast at any cost. Presently we are waiting with petaience . But if we are forced to wait more we will go on road for agitation or on hunger strike….

  16. Plz plz plz do something for cgm to aired again plz plz plz

  17. when our beloved cgm will start

  18. That Serial is a real story on ancient india How Chandragupt Mourya had become a one ruler of undivided india in present who are rulling our india they should learn some thing from this serial and follow the Great Achrya Chankaya Niti ……..

  19. can anyone tell me when our cgm will start on sony tv.i can’t even think of living without my beloved cgm.plz sony plz start our cgm otherwise i will die.

  20. i want to see my great Acharya chanakya back at any cost

  21. The history is repeating. Earlier the kings used to fight each other now the state and politician fight each other. We also need some chanakya and chandragupta to save us in current situation and help the common man of India who is deteroating day by day. I strongly feel that CGM should be aired again in any of the popular channal. Even Doordarsan can take this responsibility and bring their TRP back.

  22. Hi Sony tv first of all thank you verty much for that you are telecasting our beloved CGM.CGM is such a histroical serial from which every age of people get knowledge about the seceret of life.How to live life.
    My whole family nad all friends are die-hard fan of CGM.

    Thanks you Sony apne hum sabko marne se bacha liya.

    CGM Is the wonderfull historical serial in Indian Television there is no other Serial like CGM.

    Bhaag mat kar pryas.

    Jai maa bharti!

    But i would like to know when our CGM will start on Sony

    what time and whcih day?

    PLease let me know

  23. Hi Sony Tv,

    Plz telecast our Beloved CGM As Soon As Possible.Otherwise we will be on road for hunger strike.

    we can not wait it’s a vry long time we are waiting if you do not telecat our CGM as soon as possible i will die.

    My whole family and my Collage friends are die hard fan for this great Show.and egeraly waiting for this Knowledgable show.

    We do not want to see the stupid Ministers news we do not want to see other stipid saas bahu serials they are all about TRP.
    we want to know about the great empror CGM and Great Taskshila Acharya Chanakya we also want to live life like them without any fear.What a wonderfull time of CGM and Achrya Chanakya.

    Jai Maa Bharti!!

  24. Yes. i agree with Shiv.

    Channel should care what user wants to see.IF you do not telecast our CGM we will go for a hunger strike and we are dam seious.

    We can not live without CGM.

    Jai Ho!!

  25. Hi Sony what are you waiting for.

    PLease start our CGM as soon as possible.We will great full to you.

    PLease try to understatnd viewers problems we can not live without CGM.

    We can not wait now.

    I will die i am telling you the truth..

    I am serious.

  26. start our cgm otherwise we will go for a hunger strike.
    Jai maa bharti

  27. This is the only serial which I ever seen .It must start again. I am missing this serial too much.

  28. Please start CGM on sony tv ASAP.

    We can not live withouit CGM this is the only knolwedgable serial for all.My friends and whole famaily egearly waiting for this great show.We want our Achrya Manish Wadhwa Back at any cost.We do not see stupid saas bahu searils stupid ministers news we want to know about Real Indian Heros who devoted them for Country.

    Sony tv plz statst asap otherwise i will die .

    My brother and his whole school watch this great show.

    Jai maa bharti

    Manish jee we are die hard fans for your’s I learn a lotfrom Chanakya.

  29. Chandragupta Maurya is a really great serial which i used to watch regularly. If i can’t watch any episode i always see it on youtube. Why Sony TV is not taking this soon? If it start then When? Plz return it as soon as possibe. Now, I have no serial or show to watch.Plz Plz i am requesting you heartly. Plz, Return it soon.

  30. chandra gupt maurya is amazing show. i miss it very much so plz start it as soon as possible from when it was stopped because saturday night seems unfair without changra gupt maurya …..

  31. We want it back early as possible.

  32. we want u back

  33. we want chanakya

  34. when will cgm will come on tv which date which time

  35. missing cgm a lot want it back on AIR, pls restart it soon

  36. we love cgm .please again starts the show.


  38. When sony TV have already bought the alrights of CGM then now why turners are not giving the NOC, what they have to do the CGM, they should not play with the feelings of crorers of indian, it should be their morale duty to give the noc to sony tv so that this historical serial CGM could be re-aired.

    Please try to understand the sentiments of the indian people.

  39. one thing we want our cgm back at any cost otherwise we’ll die.h miss chanakya and his tremindous thought

  40. hum jaan laga denge cgm ko wapas laane ke liye.

  41. I want to see the further episode & eagerly waiting for it.

  42. Hi Turners please issue the NOC please understand the sentiment of crores indian who are eagerly waiting for CGM the great historical epic.

    jai maa bharti

  43. We want our Achrya BACK at anycost or turners will have to leave our country.

    Hum apne CGM ko wapas laa kar rehenge.

  44. We want to see our real warriors and therir royal life.We are not interested to see the stupid ministers news and their life is like hell we are not even inderested to watch stupid senseless saas bahu serials we want our CGM back at anyhow.

    This is it!

    Jai maa bharti

  45. I don’t understand Why the turners is not giving the NOC what is the problem?

    There is only one historical epic user want to see but due to NOC it is still pending we want ousr our CGM back.

    Why media do not say anything about the Bulgar movies like Jism2 Such kind of movies are destroying our mind our lives our life our society.

    PLease sony start CGM ASAP otherwise we will have to seek other option to get it back.

    jai maa bharati

  46. We Want our CGM back PLease.

    jai maa bharti

  47. Please Please start again….. We can’t wait more…..
    This is heartly request……….. Pls…. Pls……

    Jai Ma Bharti….

  48. Hi all can you please tell me when the next relly will be happen?

    We will force Turners to issue NOC to sony TV as sony is all set to start our CGM.

    CGM is the only great historical epic in Television history there is a lot to learn from this great epic

    jai maa bharti

  49. can anyone tell me the email id of sony and ndtv inagine so that i can reauest them

  50. we want our cgm back

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