Dec 272012

How low humans can go ! This guy from Pakistan raped dead bodies in Graveyard for many years with his ally. They never even once thought that what heinous crime they are committing ! He used to dig the graves of girls and rape dead bodies.

Riyaz Ahmed, who has raped more than 50 dead bodies, has been arrested by Pakistani Police. His another ally already died, but Riyaz didn’t give-up his dangerous habits.

According to Incharge Paposh Nagar police kiosk Chaudhry Saeed, a gravedigger Nawaz came to him and informed that one Riaz, 29, used to sprinkle water on the graves but he had been defiling the corpses of women in the graveyard. Consequently, a police party was secretly deputed to the Paposh Nagar graveyard on Saturday when the body of a woman was buried.

This is really very strange that how low can human being ago for lust ! When shall we start respecting women ?

Meanwhile, people of Pakistan condemned this monstrous act and demanded for cruel punishment for the culprit.

NOTE: This news is not against any country, religion or caste, I wrote it against the unended lust of we humans.

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