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"Captain Saurabh Kalia Dead Body"Such a brave man was Captain Saurabh Kalia that even his body was burnt with cigarettes, eyes punctures n removed, teeth n bones broken, private body parts n organs chopped off, still he didn’t reveal anything in the interrogation done by the Pakistani army during Kargil war. The parents of this brave man still crying foul for the justice.

Saurabh Kalia with five other soldiers of his patrolling team was captured alive and kept in captivity in Pakistan where they were tortured and their bodies mutilated. After just two weeks of being posted first time, he was captured and tormented brutally. Captain Kalia and his patrolling team were the first one to help India discover that  hundreds of guerrillas had established fortified positions on the peaks of the hills deep inside the Indian side of the Line of control, with sophisticated equipment and supply lines.

Captain Kalia and his men were in captivity for over twenty-two (May 15, 1999 – June 7, 1999) days and subjected to torture as evident from their bodies handed over by Pakistan Army on June 9, 1999. The postmortem revealed that the Pakistan army had tortured their prisoners by burning their bodies with cigarettes, piercing ear-drums with hot rods, puncturing eyes before removing them, breaking most of the teeth and bones, fractures of the skull, cutting the lips, chipping of nose, chopping off limbs and private organs of these soldiers besides inflicting all sorts of physical and mental tortures and finally shooting them dead, as evidenced by the bullet wound to the temple. The postmortem report also confirmed that injuries were inflicted ante-mortem (before death).

"Indian Army Captain Saurabh Kalia's Dead Body"On June 9, 1999, NK Kalia (Saurabh Kalia’s father) had received the body of his son, Captain Saurabh Kalia, handed over by the Pakistani army to Indian army commanders at the Kargil sector, with evidence of torture. Since then, he has been fighting for the justice.

Mr.NK Kalia has been demanding that Saurabh’s murder should be considered as heinous war crime and the accused must be punished.
Kalia wrote series of letter to then Minister for External Affairs Jaswant Singh. Even after more than a decade since their sons death, the Kalia family is trying to get justice from the government and to highlight the war crimes that was committed against their son and other Indian soldiers.”I am ashamed of being an Indian. The country has spineless leaders,”said NK Kalia. He has also started an online signature campaign to highlight the plight of the war victims.

His father has been moving from pillar to post and has been approaching various national and international organizations to put pressure on Pakistan to identify, book and punish persons responsible for the inhuman and unpardonable crime of keeping his son in captivity for three weeks and subjecting to unprecedented brutal torture as evident from his body. But in spite of his great efforts he is yet to achieve a fruitful result.

Kalia’s brother, Vaibhav, now 25, identified his body when it arrived in a coffin wrapped in the national flag in Palampur. Saurabh’s face, he recalls, “was the size of my fingers, his eyebrows were the only visible feature, no eyes, no jaw, there were cigarette burns… it was very bad. My parents couldn’t have seen him.” Vaibhav pauses, then stops talking. 

He does not mention that his brother’s eyes and eardrums were pierced, the private organs cut, his chest burned… the details are"Captain Saurabh Kalia's Family" mentioned in the appeal that his father has sent out to Indian citizens in the last five years. Their father Dr N K Kalia, a senior scientist at the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research, has written to every important department in government, to the prime minister, to every embassy and consulate he could find addresses of, to take up the case of human rights violations and the flouting of the Geneva Convention by Pakistan.

Dr Kalia said that if such events had happened to an American or Israeli soldier then the culprits would have been hounded around the globe. Despite assurances from the government, the cases is still pending and his family plans to pursue the case till the end.

If we keep treating our great martyrs like this then who will sacrifice for this holy place called ‘India’ ? Many Indian soldiers give everything to this country, but get really nothing in return.

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  32 Responses to “The Father of Captain Saurabh Kalia, whose body parts were cut including private ones in Pakistan’s prison, still waiting for justice even after 13 yrs.”

  1. I am sorry sir, but your son died for the wrong country. This country will never ever even attempt to give you justice. It may be difficult but sooner you realize that your are a common man and not important for the state, better for your peace of mind. The worst part is even army is not reacting after seeing the sorry state of affairs.
    An ashamed and sorry Indian.

  2. If they think nothing of Geneva conventions, we should think nothing of laws either, and punish the perpetrators ourselves.

  3. I salute the spirit of this brave man and his brave family.
    Justice may be delayed, and even a state and a country cannot stop you from receiving your due, sooner or later.
    Our heart strength is with you.

  4. May Almighty God grant eternal peace and tranqulity to the departed Souls of loving Saurabh and the Soldiers. We Miss U Saurabh

  5. Love ur soul saurabh.a real hero of nation.the pain u suffered will not go in vain

  6. Sir, ur son’s sacrifice made me cry. i read this in news paper during war. but today it touched me so much that i salute u first. brave father, brave son.

  7. such a brave son and a brave father but never loose hope suraj agar baadlo mai chip jaye tho iska ye matlab nahi kh suraj raha hi nahi.i salut u sir as u made u son so brave hats off.

  8. It’s a shame for entire nation which celebrates its rise to superpower status but still cannot seek justice for its heroes who laid their lives to protect it. Shame on whole of political machinery……..time to change national song ..sare Jahaan se coward Hindustan hamara, hum chimchee Haine paise aur ghulami k, yeh gulistaan hamara.

  9. Its a pity,its a shame that a braveheart like Saurabh Kalia’s death should go unmourned and unsung.I would like to know Mr.Kaalia that you are not on your own in bringing justice to Saurabh.I as an Indian hang my head in shame at the indifference of our government.Justice delayed is justice denied.I demand justice for Capt Saurabh Kaalia.The whole of India joins me in one voice…JUSTICE FOR CAPT SAURABH KAALIA.INDIA DEMANDS IT…

  10. Sir, I am ashamed to know that even after 13 long years the govt has not mustered up the courage to take thus matter up with international court of law.
    I think as citizens we must do whatever possible to do something for a true hero.
    I salute your son for the courage and the contribution to this country.
    I shall be most glad to be of any help to up you and would want to whatever it takes to help in this regard…..
    My email I’d is

  11. Its indeed matter of great national shame to have this great loss and war crime going unattended by our corrupt and selfish political leaders with purely tainted agenda. It seems Capt Kalia and his team have sacrificed their lives for the wrong country if the cause was right. A soldier never regrets his sacrifice but even he deserves a death with dignity with bullets on his chest and not like this. Shameful is very polite word for all Indian authorities responsible for not taking this case to ICJ for its clear violations of Geneva convention. Hats off to the family of Capt Kalia especially his father and their striving spirit who all are hoping against the hope in this present political set up of our nation where priorities are different. I with millions of our citizens pray to almighty to give you well deserved justice and peace to departed souls of all the soldiers. An ashamed Indian.

  12. hats off to u sir……. Ur son is a National hero like Bhagat singh & Aazad.

  13. Capt Saurabh Kalia

    May His Soul Rest in Peace.

  14. have faith in god sir….ur son is my idol…a real hero…

  15. salute to saurabh. its really a shame that still he hasn’t gt the justice.

  16. sir… i dont want to remind you again what happened to our brave tiger… please adv on how we all can do something in getting justice for our brother? we need to protest and all of us get together and fight against the law … please let us know what we can do. we are just a mail away.. and you will find us there… our law and ministers do not listen or act unless they are jacked.

  17. a great selute to the great father who gave birth to sach a great man. but we indiens never do any thing even thou we suffer. sir my whole family is with u sir. pl mail us for any help we can do.

  18. Salute to u sir…And Salute to ur son died for wrong country..because yaha kuch badalne nai wala……if u r a son or daughter of a politician tb u cn get u r a common man..Sir i m ashamed to be a part of dis country….jaha apne soldiers ki kadr nai h………..wt d hell government is doing from past 13 years….Sir we r wid u……..

  19. saurabh i salute you…………………..

  20. Justice delayed is justice denied.shame on the leaders of this country who can’t avenge the gruesome murder of it’s soldier.

  21. Really this is very disappointing fact that our timid governmet has no courage to fight for the good cause of our brave martyr soldier Saurv Kalia.
    A father is doing his duty.I too morally support the fight for justice.

  22. the pain and torture ur brave son has faced is un imaginable by a common man.Every honest indian can feel your pain except the faces of the nation.The Bravery Mr. Saurabh has shown will always remain me to be fearless and brave in all worst situations of life any I know the affection and Patrotism which every Indian is showing for him his soul will be proud that atleast he is being missed by real Indians.

  23. Sir,

    I salute your son’s bravery.

    I lament over the state of affairs of our Indian youth, we cherish and remember incidents like cricket victory and century makers; but such brave deeds and martyrdom is seldom remembered by us Indians (especially the youth).

    May Captain Kalia’s soul rest in peace.

    Jai Hind.

  24. Iam extremely touched and agitated at the same time..Have lost all respect for Indian govt..They can just sympathize with war victim’s family and will take no strict action against the culprits..
    Because of heroes like Saurabh Iam proud to be an Indian>>>

  25. As a fellow citizen… i have no other words but to feel ashamed of myself for doing nothing towards this brutal act of crime. the priority of this country is different. the letter from S M Krishna to Rajeev Chandrashekher shows how serious the country is…

  26. sir
    your son was a brave man and so r u .our country has no gud leaders to bring these things to an end. i salute you and your son sir for all that you have endured .

  27. Sir,

    A brave soldier , we salute you.

  28. saurabh kalia lived and died a hero. a hero whose stories will not be published in magazines or newspapers, who will not be known for what he achieved but by the torment of his enemies. WORRY NOT YOU MIGHTY INDIAN. your days and nights are etched in glory with the god almighty who gives a sense of pride and courage to all your countrymen, shameless as they may be in their cowardice and disregard to you. but grateful nonetheless.

  29. i suggest we all indians must send personal emails, letters to NATO & UNHRC on this matter. bloody these islamic pakis need good bashing. these terror pigs are burden on earth. they dont have place even in hell. These cruel islamic pakis understand only one thing ………bombardment by drones. they are getting fruits of their own terror policies.

    kill pakis, kill pakis

  30. simple solution……..capture some pakistani soldiers or their terror brothers. burn their asses with hot iron. put red chillies in their nose, pur fevicol in their ears, pierce their eyes with rusted metals rods, remove their private parts preserve like pickle. keep these preserved jars in museums. pakistan understands language of kick not love.

    one more suggestion……….send one of terrorists mutilated body to Mr. Mushraff . he is the culprit.

  31. First torture by Pakistan now by Indian system. This is the country for rich, no justice for common man. Sorry to say but situations like these make me feel why i born as an Indian. If same thing happens to American soldier, then there won’t be any Pakistan on world map; shame to be an Indian. and don’t expect justice from corrupted system. What happened after 26/11 attacks govt ready safeguard terrorist for years by spends crores of taxpayers (people money) money. these terrorists should be hanged publicly to inflict fear in the minds of terrorists.

    For solving direct cases like 26/11 our system take years, so justice is always denied.

  32. Respected Kaliaji
    V want to honour shaheed saurabh kalia.who is a cargil war hero.
    Usha dubey

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