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There are some popular misconceptions amongst the people about Digital Camera. Many people just prefer the cameras of high resolution, and see nothing else while buying. Here, I’ve collected top 5 things about Digital cameras:

Zoom is very important
Zoom becomes very important while shooting Wild life or close-portrait, but the majority of digital cameras have 3-, or 4x optical zoom, but you will never regret choosing a model with more telephoto power. For the ultimate in zoom control and quality, look for an extended-zoom camera with image stabilization, which will ensure that shots taken at full telephoto will be tack-sharp, even without a tripod.

Camera’s resolution is not so important
There is a popular misconception that more megapixels lead to better pictures. This is not the case. If you’re a casual shooter who won’t be printing pictures larger than 8×10? or doing extensive computer editing, then a camera with 5- or 6-megapixel resolution will be sufficient.

Don’t use one card for your pictures
After returning from a trip, I eagerly inserted one of my memory cards into a card reader to download my new pictures. For still unexplained reasons, a card that should have held over 200 pictures was suddenly rendered blank. Two weeks and $250 later (thanks towww.drivesavers.com), I had recovered about 90% of my pictures, but the rest were lost permanently.

So, do spread your pictures amongst 3-5 cards.

AA Batteries should be used by Travelers
Digital cameras come in two varieties: those that use AA-size batteries and those that are powered by proprietary lithium-ion batteries. If you are a traveler, particularly someone who enjoys remote or rustic locations, choose a camera with AA batteries.

Use a simple photo editing programs
Most digital photographers will never take the time to master expensive and powerful photo editing programs like Adobe Photoshop or Jasc Paint Shop Pro—these programs are too complex and time-consuming for all but the most dedicated photographers. Fortunately there are a variety of easy-to-use editing programs that even novice photographers can use to edit, improve, and organize their digital photos.

Picasa is a very good and easy option.

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