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Rocky Movie Series have been my all time favorites. Rocky I, II, III, IV, V and VI are amazing to watch specially Rocky IV. Rocky Balboa is the name which is still remembered by everyone even after the 30 years. I’m a die hard fan of these wonderful movies. Here, I tell you 5 things to learn from these:

An Idea Can Change Your Life: An unknown guy from Philadelphia “Sylvester Stallone” was once watching the boxing match between Mohammad Ali and Chuck Wepner. He got so impressed from their fight that he decided to write Rocky and completed its script within 2-3 days. The film was made on a budget of less than $1 million and shot in just 28 days, became a super duper hit; it made over $225 million the highest grossing film of 1976, and won three Oscars , including best picture.

This idea made Sylvester super star over night.

"Sylvester Stallone Training for Rocky I"

Never Give Up: Rocky movies have always taught us to never give up in your life. His famous fights with “Apollo Creed” and “Ivan Drago” are great examples. He was tired, exhausted,injured, had many punches on his face but didn’t give up. As a result, he won.

"Rocky Balboa's Face with Full of Punches After Fighting Ivan Drago"

Train Harder Before a Big Event: Rocky always trained very hard before every fight. You can do this in any form. Just do lot of practice before any big event and it will give you huge confidence.

"Sylvester Stallone Training With Apollo Creed in Rocky III"

Push Yourself to the Limits: Rocky Balboa always pushed himself to the limits because he always believed that success is very near so he always gave him one more chance until he won. We can also do the same and should keep trying one more time.

"Sylvester Stallone Training Hard in Snow in Rocky IV"

"Sylvester Stallone Doing Exercise in Rocky IV for Fighting Drago"

Fight For Your Near and Dear Ones: Rocky Balboa was a complete family man. He always loved his wife, kid, coach and friends. He fought for them and got huge inspiration to keep winning when he was down and out.

"Sylvester Stallone in Rocky IV Crying for Apollo Creed"

I salute such a Great Man ! May You Live Forever Rocky Balboa !

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