Nov 092011

He’s got everyone in the nation (corrupt people included) talking passionately about how corruption must be eradicated.Kejriwal has other sterling qualities as well that have gone largely unnoticed, so I’d like to draw your attention to them:

# He’s a magnificent con man :He fooled us beautifully by calling his movement India Against Corruption, when it really should be called India Against Secularism.

#He’s a creative person :Instead of getting a cute baby elephant or tiger cub as the mascot for his pan-India movement, he thought out of the box and got a doddering old man.Even better, Kejriwal declared that his mascot is above the Indian Constitution. Terrific – he’s made him so much more magical than a fairy tale character!

#He made Sonia Gandhi look Timid :First, he forced his mascot to stop eating for days on end to twist the government’s already bruised arm. And now that his mascot keeps making embarrassing statements, he’s ordered him to stop talking altogether

#He can turn Rakhi Sawant into a superstar: Kejriwal’s PR skills are amazing   if he had handled Rakhi Sawant’s career, she would have outshined Bollywood A-listers and earn much more than them.

#He is already being treated like a politician:It was only a humble slipper someone hurled at Kejriwal, and not a sophisticated shoe, but hey – many people dislike him already – that’s definitely a move in the right direction!

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  6 Responses to “Top 5 Amazing things about Arvind Kejriwal”

  1. i really liked the news and info which have positive effect on the minds of the people. pls publish more news which can inspire people at large. Keep it up..!! (Dont give poonam Pandey much leverage on ur website.)

  2. Arvind Kejriwal is a Good Man. pls dont discourage his fans by posting nonsense news about IAC. instead publish news & info which have positive effect on people. Arvind Kejriwal is a TRUE INDIAN..!!

  3. You seem to be inspired. But if doing so is your job, good luck.

  4. Kitne mein apni imaan bech di tune Congress ko? The author of this article has definitely sold his soul to the Congress. He wouldn’t have put up such article had he been a true Indian.

  5. Oh111 so the comment needs moderation. It means the comment will never get published. I can bet on that

  6. Dear Author,
    If u believe in encouraging bad by discouraging good, this is just ur child act.
    Moreover u didnt got attention of ppl wat u were yearning for.

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