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1.) Sachin Tendulkar:- I am not doing any partiality by keeping the God of Cricket on top. Undoubtedly, he is the greatest batsman ever in the history of Cricket. Tendulkar is the highest scorer in both tests and ODI’s and the most centuries in both formats of the game. When you consider the fact that Tendulkar has been playing non stop cricket for over 21 years and is still able to retain the hunger for runs, his achievement seems all the more phenomenal.

2.) Sir Don Bradman:- This Australian legend with a batting average of 99.96 is on No.2, Some people say that the records are meant to be broken, but the point is Who will break this one???????????.

3.) Viv Richards:- Now comes the super brave and stylish West Indian Viv Richards. Sir Viv Richards completely dominated any bowling attack he faced. A man who walked into the field with an unmatched swagger, refused to wear a helmet even in the face of 90 kmph bowls, Viv Richards was aggression personified – but only on the cricket field.

4.) Brian Lara:- Another West Indian great, Brian Lara’s record stands second only to Sachin Tendulkar in the modern context. With a score of 400 not out in tests, over 10,000 runs, and an average of over 50, Lara single handedly guided his team to victory in match after match even as his team mates floundered.

5.) Ricky Ponting:- Ricky Ponting remains the most complete Australian batsmen in the modern context of the game and has a record that has threatened to overshadow Tendulkar’s. Ponting has the second highest number of test centuries, the second highest test runs, and an enviable record as captain.

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