Oct 112011

If you really hate your car, and wanna ruin it secretly and slowly then I’m going to tell you the 5 ways here to destroy it:

Forget to change your oil:
If you are not changing your car oil every 5,000 miles at the most. It will decrease your car’s performance and kill it slowly.

Don’t turn off anything while starting your car:
Before starting your car, turn on headlights, a/c, stereo, wipers, indicators. All this will add up extra load on your car’s engine, it will be old shortly.

Never use parking brake:
By not using parking brake, you put all of the stress of the car on your transmission. The only thing inside that transmission holding your car steady is a little pin called a parking pawl. So, don’t use the parking brake to decrease the life of your car transmission.

Ignore the unusual sounds of your car:
If you hear any unusual sound in car, just ignore it, and let the car decide its death.

Let attractive women kill your car:
Specially, young male drivers get extra woofers and heavy stereo in their car to woo the women, as a result you can ignore unusual sounds or crash in the tree etc.

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