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Earthquakes and Volcanoes create big Tsunamis mostly. Though, all the biggest Tsunamis of history created by major earthquakes. Earthquakes create disturbance below sea level and Tsunami is formed. Japan has faced the highest number of Tsunamis “195? till date.

"Most Powerful Tsunami in Japan"

Here is the list of Top 5 Tsunamis ever:

2004 Boxing Day Tsunami: It must be the biggest Tsunami disaster in a history. Around 227,898 people died from the various countries. Indonesia, Sri Lanka and India were worst affected. The earthquake also know as “Sumatra Andaman earthquake” in Indian Ocean with a magnitude of 9.3 caused it. It also had the longest duration around 10 minutes ever recorded in history. Destructive Tsunami waves were created around 100 feet due to this.It was named Boxing Day because it came on 26th December and it is considered guested holiday in many western countries.

Disastrous Tsunami in Lisbon: Great Lisbon earthquake with magnitude of 9.0 on Saturday 1 November 1755 caused second biggest Tsunami which killed around 100,000 people. Earthquake engineering developed rapidly after this.

2011 Tohoku Tsunami in Japan: The earthquake in Pacific Ocean near Tohoku region with the magnitude of 9.0 created another devastated Tsunami in Japan. It also caused a radiation leak in Japanese Fukushima Nuclear Plant. Around 15,000 people have been killed already and numbers are increasing. It is the second biggest disaster in Japan after Nagasaki Hiroshima atom bomb tragedy.

Great Chilean earthquake caused 33 feet Tsunami: On 22 May 1960, Chile had the most powerful earthquake in history ever recorded with the magnitude of 9.5. The worst affected area was Valdivia. This earthquake created 33 feet Tsunami waves which killed around 5,700 people across the country.

Good Friday Disaster in Alaska: On the day of Good Friday, 27 March 1964, Alaska experienced the most powerful earthquake of U.S. with the magnitude of 9.2. Tsunami followed it shortly and it killed 121 people.

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