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Life has many colors. Whether we are rich or poor we have to face many ups and downs. There is a struggle in every aspect of life, but only those people survive, who have the strong will power, great confidence and the courage to face challenges. I’ve also gone through the very tough times, but these 5 great personalities have kept inspiring me always. Let’s read who they are:
Guru Nanak Dev: Whenever I think of Great Guru Nanak, a new ray of hopecomes inside me and says; “Don’t Give-Up Son and Light-Up the Darkness”. I feel the amazing amount of power then. Guru Nanak’s life was full of struggle always. He traveled through thousands of miles from Sri lanka to Iraq in 14th and 15th century for spreading love and fighting against castism. In those days, there was no better source of transport, still he went through the dangerousareas to teach them the real humanity. Actually Castism and Superstition are still one of the biggest problems of India which have made us slave for hundreds of years, because we have always been involved into it, and could never fight the enemy hard way.
"Sikh Guru Guru Nanak Dev"
Once at Haridwar, when he found people throwing Ganges water towards the sun in the east as oblations to their ancestors in heaven, he started, as a measure of correction, throwing the water towards the West, in the direction of his fields in the Punjab. When ridiculed about his folly, he replied, “If Ganges water will reach your ancestors in heaven, why should the water I throw up not reach my fields in the Punjab, which are far less distant ?”
Guru Nanak opposed superstitions openly everywhere without any weapon and aggression . He struggled really hard through out his life to create unity amongst the people and remove useless things from their minds. He always kept spreading the right message without the fear of failure, and today thousands of people like me follow his philosophy.
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The Father of Modern Physics “Albert Einstein”: He had Dyslexia, andwas unable to talk until the age of 4. He learned to read at 9. He used to be considered very slow, unsociable and a dreamer. He once failed the entrance examination, and also lost three teaching positions then became a patent clerk. In spite of all these, he is now considered the greatest scientist of Modern Physics.

"Albert Einstein Brain"

The career of Einstein has always been full of struggle. He had to face real tough times of life, but he didn’t give up and discovered the law of photoelectric effect. He was awarded Nobel prize for his amazing contribution to physics. Einstein’s brain has always been in the news and considered as the most intelligent of the 20th century, that’s why his brain was removed from his body for a study after 7hrs. of his death, and his remaining body was cremated.

The World will always miss such a great scientist with such an intelligent brain. Click me to know more.

Magician Dhirubhai Ambani: From a petrol pump attendant to themaking of richest family in the world after Walton family, Dhirubhai Ambani was a son of school teacher in village, only 6th standard pass student, used to sell onion/potato fries at village fairs, then with his amazing determination and mind he built “Reliance Industries”

"Great Business Man Dhirubhai Ambani"

His struggle reminds me the stories of fairy tales in which unbelievable things happen. But, his struggle is real, and his unbelievable success is the work of a true champion. Now, his son“Mukesh Ambani” has the costliest home, and another “Anil Ambani” has started making even bigger.

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From a Lion Cage Cleaner to the Superstar of Hollywood: What a brilliant and unbelievable struggle ! Stallone once got a job of Lion cage cleaners, he spent his most of the childhood alone because his parents often quarreled and took divorce as a result, his many body parts got paralyzed because of accident in childhood, he had to attend the school of emotionally disturbed children, he tried very hard to overcome his problems, but still not given good roles in movies. Finally, he made “Rocky Series”

"Rocky Balboa Sylvester Stallone"

Now, Rocky Balboa is a name which is popular all around the world in every home. Rocky movies are fantastic with inspirational stories. Every single part is awesome, and I’ve been watching Rocky movies since childhood every week to take the doze of enthusiasm and struggle.

Though, he is above 60, still he has millions of fans on Facebook, and hundreds of pages on his name.

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Great Indian Revolutionary “Bhagat Singh”: Bhagat Singh was one ofthe greatest freedom fighters who was very courageous and a popular Atheist. He sat on hunger strike for more than record 90 days, although Britishers tried every trick in book to finish his strike, but in vain. His father was a rich man, but he denied every comfort to fight for his country.

"Indian Freedom Figher Bhagat Singh"

Bhagat sacrificed his life for his motherland at 23. His courage, great determination, boiling young blood, optimism force me to do something big in my career.

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