Sep 032011

"Delhi Police Beating People"
1.) Politicians:- Beware of quarreling with  politicians because they are generally very powerful in terms of Black money, fame and power.

2.) Policeman:– These are the persons who are only hungry for money,  give and satisfy them if you want to get rid from your trouble.

3.) Finance Persons/Accountant:- These are the most clever persons among all, keep good relations with them because you can’t even expect what they can do if they are in a mood to take revenge with someone. They can make you into a deep trouble in terms of  A/C’s mismanagement, Tax Evasion etc.

4.) Lawyers:- Lawyers are the one who have the potential to convert the wrong into right and vice-versa. If you ever need them, keep good relations and satisfy them.

5.) Doctors:- The rank 5 goes to the Doctors because you don’t know when you will need them.

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  1. Add Goondas and bureaucrats like clerks also.They can make life hell for you

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