Oct 112011

1.Wash and dry: A quick way to get an even fade on your denims is with strong     detergents. Wash the jeans unevenly in the detergent to get the fade spaced out and not uniform.

2.Rock it: Take a rock with a sharp edge and rub it on the front side of your jeans, especially at the thigh and knee area.

3.Tom apart: Of course, the best way to get the worn out look right is with a little wear and tear. Add long tear across the knees with a sharp knife, but also pull out threads to give it the appearance of a natural tear with a fork.

4.Sandpaper it: to fray the hemlines use sandpaper. This will add a soft, worn out look to these places and also fade the colour a bit.

5.Wash again: Once done, wash the denims regularly at an interval of around 2-3 days and dry them in the sun to add fades and also wear them out more. In about 2 weeks you will have the perfect pair of worn out jeans without having spent a small fortune on them.

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