Sep 192011

"Mobile and iPhone Battery"

Know, how to improve the battery life of your laptop and mobile phone so that you won’t face any type of problem while traveling.

Tips to Improve Battery Life of Your Notebook and Cell Phone

Laptop: # Turn off the wireless and bluetooth services.
# Change power setting for maximum battery life, instead of performance or a balanced setting.
# Minimize the use of USB memory, external mouse etc.
# Reduce the brightness of display.
# Charge the battery, use it up completely, and repeat the cycle for a longer battery life.

Mobile Phone: # Navigate mobile in faster ways like: use recently called lists instead of the phonebook.
# Never charge the phone after full battery.
# Don’t use high volume for alerts.
# Don’t enable extras like: Bluetooth, keypad sounds, vibrate alert etc.
# When you know you don’t have to use, switch off your phone.

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