Nov 112011

Linus is is a Unix-likecomputer operating system assembled under the model of free and open source software.       Linux runs on a wide variety of computer hardware, including mobile phones,tablets computer   network routers , television ,Video game console,  desktop computer ,supercomputer etc.    So most of the tech experts want to learn about and sometimes the didn’t get enough time to go for some classes .  As per the stats of IT employment site, demand for Linux developers is growing at a rate of 31 per cent.     So here we have some of the top 5 website  from which you can learn Linux : :This is one of the new sites launched earlier this year.  The site offers an entire series of online screencast training videos in English, Spanish and German.  The courses offered are designed to help in preparing for LPI certification exams.  Subscription plans begin at 49 euros, or about $67, per month, and can be cancelled any time.

#Red Hat :Red Hat, the Linux vendor, also offers training and certification programmes. Many of the programmes offered by the giant are online and are geared towards Red Hat Enterprise Linux.    The  prices are  starting at $1,400. Begin brings a variety of self-directed online courses that focus on topics including Ubuntu server, Apache security, and CentOS server.  Pricing starts at $95.95.

# E-Learning Center :The E-Learning Center offers courses that are focused on preparing for LPI certification as well as comparable offerings for Red Hat certification. Either way, a year’s access costs $69.

# Linux Certified : Linux Certified offers many onsite learning opportunities as well as several distance learning options, including Linux fundamentals for $99.

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