Sep 032011

''Priety Fool Zinta''

On 9th March 2011, when Priety Zinta was in one party late night. She was fully drunk and in that condition she told about the true story of his life:-

I am coming out with the new flop show named Guinness World Records with Shabbir Ahluwalia on Colors channel which will be telecasted from March 18.

Actually, I am not getting any work for the past many years. I am broke. I had to sell my car and make do with a second hand 4 wheeler. Ness broke up with me so i cant get married to a rich guy which i thought is the ultimate goal of any bollywood actress.

Its so nice of Ness that he has allowed me to be seen with Kings XI as i cant afford my house rent let alone an IPL team. I hadn’t invested any money in IPL coz i didn’t have any. I was there just to bring some glamour quotient. Apparently i have failed in that too.I tried staying in limelight by getting photographed hugging Yuvraj and brett lee under a presumption that some Director/producer might recognize my face or even realize that i exist and i might land up with a small time role or atleast an item number, but to no avail.

This is my last time you see me on any kind of screen because next time I will be in the news for getting married to a businessman/producer/director or a honcho in UTV/Netwok 18 and that would be it! I will then go into oblivion like all the actresses of Bollywood.

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