Oct 292011

These four words have a special significance.For some it is to enjoy their life at all cost,for some the Life is full of struggle,For some its to rule others etc. Everybody has different perception regarding Life.But actually What is the true meaning of life nobody knows except few ones .Also those who were able to crack this riddle became successful in their life and are still remembered by us or even motivates us .The amazing thing was that they were also like us a normal human being but all these people know there goal of life .So irrespective of others they were so determined to achieve there goals that they were not at all worried about the failures .according to these people nothing is impossible only the path to your goals may be difficult but with determination and self belief you can achieve your goals.Now look at us the youth like us has no goals in our life or we can say that our goals keep on changing with time as the weather .That’s why we are living a life of parasite with no goals and no direction to go.So we should live a life with a specific goal .Once you have that goal then you will love this life and take everything in a positive manner. Even though failures will be there for you to welcome but those failures will also teach you how to make failures in to a win.So don’t be afraid ,Be brave and confident like fauja singh who ran in the marathon at the age of 100.You will be shocked to know that he decided to run in marathon at the age of 89 and he was able to achieve his goal at the age of 100 .So once your are determined then nobody can stop you from achieving your goals .

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