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The success story of Gujarat prompts another question: what is different about Chief Minister Narendra Modi from the others? As the captain of the ship, how is he able to steer the ship to newer heights however rough the sea may be? What makes him different from the others? These are questions only statistics cannot answer. One needs to take a look at the person Chief Minister Shri Narendra Modi is, the way he is able to turn every challenge into an opportunity and every opportunity into reality. Look back at the history of Gujarat and it will be crystal clear why he is simply a cut above the rest. He is both a thinker and a doer. With his feet firmly on the ground, his head is firmly held high!

Here we try to look at some of his qualities that make Narendra Modi a novelty in every sense of the word!

Mass Leader:

“Individual efforts can bring excellence but only collective efforts can deliver effectively” – Shri Narendra Modi

For Chief Minister Modi, the cardinal rule is- ‘We’ must take precedence over ‘I”. In every sense he remains a true mass leader. His humble beginnings, his work as a Pracharak and later on in the BJP have enabled him to connect with a cross section of people the way only few other leaders can. Be it a routine visit to inspect developmental activities or an election rally, there is always a sea of humanity waiting for a glimpse of their favourite leader. Even a brief handshake or ‘Namaste’ can energize well-wishers like no other. It was seen on many occasions that well-wishers kept a variety of ‘mannats’ (votive) for the success of Shri Modi. For him to return as the Chief Minister, well-wishers undertook pilgrimages hoping their prayers would ensure their favourite leader returns as the Chief Minister of the State.

This sort of affection for a leader is much more than politics. It is an emotional chord that has come with years of service and dedication towards the people of our nation. His fan following is extremely diverse; from the concrete jungles of urban India to the farmlands of the villages, he is equally respected. Men, women, old, young, boys, and girls no one has remained untouched by the ‘Modi mania’. His popularity has transcended the borders of India too. At the recent Pravasi Bharatiya Divas, he won the hearts of the diaspora and was accorded a standing ovation for his speech there.

In the midst of files and policy decisions that consume a lot of time, Shri Modi remains one of the most accessible leaders today. Those who have met him recall with great zeal how he simply won over their hearts in a span of a few minutes! When Shri Modi meets somebody, he does so with his heart and mind and all attention is focused on the person he meets. There are no flies, no aides around him- it’s just him and the person he is meeting! It is simple to meet Shri Modi. There is an instance of a well wisher who sought time with Shri Modi on Twitter. Little did the person know that those 140 characters would pave way for an opportunity of a lifetime when a meeting with Shri Modi became a reality. This is Narendra Modi for you!

Dream BIG, Aim for The Best:

“Dreams are not seen when you sleep, dreams are those that don’t let you sleep.”– Shri Narendra Modi

Behind every success story lies a dream, a purpose that drives human beings to perform to the fullest. For Chief Minister Shri Narendra Modi the sky is the limit. It is his vision for Gujarat that has made Gujarat’s model of development so famous across the world. It was his dream that development must become a mass movement in Gujarat and it is due to this dream that some of the biggest landmark projects have been conceived and quickly completed during his tenure.

While the rest of the country struggled in implementing river linking projects, Shri Modi was able to link a down rivers as water flew in rivers that had dried up for ages. Today the Narmada Dam is operational as well. Never before has Gujarat’s infrastructure been more robust and these advances are nothing but the dream of Chief Minister Narendra Modi who dreamt of a glorious Gujarat.

Back in 2003, Shri Modi dreamt of a Gujarat that would become the hub of global business and thus the biennial Vibrant Gujarat was conceived. Through this initiative, a large of Shri Modi’s dream stands fulfilled. In the backdrop of a global recession the last Vibrant Gujarat Global Investors Summit fetched MoUs worth US $ 240 billion that have given a strong impetus to growth in the state. Without Shri Modi’s dreams neither would these initiatives have been conceived nor would the world have been introduced to the full glory of the Gujarati entrepreneurs.

Obsessed with Development of Gujarat:

“Our goal is Gujarat’s growth for India’s growth”– Shri Narendra Modi

 For Shri Narendra Modi, it is Gujarat first! He single-handedly reversed the trend of election driven decision-making. Gone are the days when policy was influenced by every other factor apart from development, when votes determined what would happen to the State. Infact, by putting development above politics Chief Minister Modi did the unthinkable. Just before the last Assembly Elections in Gujarat he went overseas in connection with investments for Gujarat. For a normal politician, securing re-election becomes the priority as early a year before the election but for Shri Narendra Modi even months before elections he was securing investments for Gujarat not bothering about getting re-elected.

The results of this selfless dedication are for all to see. There is no sector in Gujarat that has not developed over the last decade. In fact, in a radius of 25 kilometers in any part of Gujarat there will be some or the other development work happening. It is this hard work of Shri Modi that has ensured Gujarat witnesses double digit growth for the first time since its birth in 1960. Gujarat was never at first place in industrial investment in the past but now things are different. In fact in a time when the overall investment climate in the country is going through a rough phase, Gujarat bucked the trend and secured large investments. A state never known for agriculture witnessed 11% agriculture growth that was higher than the national average!

These are the results when a visionary rises above petty politics and places development of 6 crore Gujaratis as his sole mission.

Workaholic to the core:

“An opportunity to work is good luck for me. I put my soul into it. Each such opportunity opens the gates for the next one.” – Shri Narendra Modi

 Those who have interacted and worked closely with Shri Modi agree on one personal trait of his – that he is a complete workaholic. Ever since his childhood, Shri Modi realized the importance of hard work. He was a dedicated student and this commitment towards his work continued when he became a Pracharak with the Sangh. It was his workaholic nature that led to Shri Modi holding several important responsibilities in the Sangh and the BJP at a relatively young age.

This workaholic steak only sharpened after Shri Modi assumed the Chief Ministership of the state. The responsibility was enormous as he got working right from Day 1. He spends the entire day immersed in working for the people of Gujarat be it by meeting Ministers, officials or going out and taking a first-hand view of the development in the state.

Through his workaholic nature, Shri Modi has transformed the government apparatus in another important way. He has inculcated a work culture otherwise absent in various other establishments. Through practice more than words Shri Modi has brought in a paradigm shift in the way government functions in the state. He has made merit the sole defining point for any initiative of the Government be it appointments, transfers or policy decisions. Due to his effort Gujarat Government has adopted computer technology at a remarkable pace. His own office leads the way in the embracing of technology being an ISO 9001:2008 certified set-up making it among the few such government offices all over the country and perhaps the World.

Service beyond the self:

 The menace of nepotism has been a major bottleneck in providing effective governance to the people. Nepotism in its crudest forms paves way for corruption. But, Shri Modi is far away from any such evil. Due to his integrity and sense of fairness, he has risen above petty personal interests or promoting any sort of family or dynastic politics.

It is now mandatory to deposit gifts received by the Chief Minister to the state treasury but this was not the practice earlier. Until Shri Narendra Modi took over, 13 Chief Ministers had deposited a meager Rs. 4.55 lakh in the treasury. But with Shri Modi as the Chief Minister, this changed drastically. Not only did he diligently deposit gifts into the treasury but also diverted proceeds to the Kanya Kelavani Nidhi, a fund exclusively made for the education of the girl child. This inititative of Shri Modi has brought smiles on the faces of many a students and their parents.

These are just some of the qualities that define Shri Narendra Modi. There is a simply lot to learn from an inspiring person like Shri Modi. Today’s generation has not been fortunate enough to see the life of Swami Vivekananda through close quarters but a look at Shri Modi’s life comes closest to what that great man was all about- someone with a sea of talent, a clear vision for India and the ability to work tirelessly towards turning this vision into a reality.

Inclusive growth- Where no one is left behind:

“People’s participation is the essence of good governance.” – Shri Narendra Modi

Growing up in a state, Gujarat where vote-bank politics often destroyed the social fabric of the state, Shri Modi was determined to provide a government that was strong, stable and worked for each and every Gujarati rising above any sort of sectarian differences. During an interaction with the Sachar Committee, he confidently stated, “My government does not work for the minority. Neither does it work for the majority. It only works for 6 crore Gujaratis!” When Shri Modi implements a scheme for continuous power to the villages or when he brings waters to the rivers of Gujarat, its benefits are reaped by all Gujaratis and not just to the members of any particular community. By spearheading the idea of inclusive growth, he has ensured that the fruits of development reach the disadvantaged sections of society. Schemes such as the Van Bandhu Yojna, Sagar Khedu Yojna, Garib Samrudhi Yojna have made a qualitative difference in the lives of those who were earlier excluded from the journey of development. Had Chief Minister Shri Narendra Modi not instilled a strong work culture among his team, none of this would have been possible.

Written By: Kishore Trivedi on http://news.oneindia.in/

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